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    3 Wishes-What would you wish for

    Genie appears.

    Let's say POOF. You are granted with three wishes. No you may not wish for a million wishes. The genie say's if you even try doing that she will vanish. Now, you can wish for whatever you want. As in you can not wish for something that will affect the entire world. Like World peace. But you could make yourself rich or even finish have a dead friend come back to life. As long as it's not anything that will forced the entire world to do something, like you cannot enslave man kind.

    I'd wish for

    1. 1 Billion Dollars

    2. To live forever

    3. To be the most desire full person in the US.
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    knowledge of anything I wish to know in foresight. (lottery numbers, natural disasters, anything revolving around probability)
    omnipotent presence.
    an Infinitely aggregate, non-decaying mind.

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    ~ a cure for asthma
    ~ $50,000,000
    ~ Iran to have 100 ICBM's armed with nuclear warheads

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    A cure for everything
    People stop believe on things that they aren't sure that exists
    My dead
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    Man the wishes in this thread are pretty harsh one wants to start ww3 another one wishes to eradicate hope.

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    #1: no religion (yes i know you're not supposed to talk about this on these forums, but that is an honest wish)
    #2: me, my family, and friends to have perfect homes, and not have to worry about food or income for the rest of our lives. (this includes without working)
    #3: to go back in time just once in my life, to give myself a good kick in the teeth, for making an unbelievably stupid mistake. (none yo damn business what it was btw)(no it has absolutely zero to do with a girl)
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    ~WVU Fans to drop dead
    ~Marry Lady Gaga
    ~speak every language in the world

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    - Near infinite stream of revenue
    - Ability to cure disease/sickness from loved ones
    - Schmiggy's 3 wish

    EDIT: I most certainly missed it ↓
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    1. To have all of the power and abilities Goku has at the height of his power
    2. To have an unlimited amount of money.
    3. To have complete control over the aging process, i.e. I can reverse it, speed it up, choose when I die, how long I want to live etc.

    *edit* I think almost everyone so far has missed the line " can not wish for something that will affect the entire world. Like World peace.
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    1) Become a vampire (true blood).. I cant stand sunlight anyway as I have blue eyes and sensitive skin. I'd prefer it to immortality as I could turn loved ones.

    2) Infinite money

    3) Ability to mind control (including complete brainwash) anyone, humans, animals supernaturals, aliens ghosts, whatever.
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    1. Immortality.
    2. Ability to time travel (either in my universe, or to move through parallel universes - depending on the correct answer in physics).
    3. The ability to fly.
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    Science has promised us nothing and given us everything, faith has promised us everything and given us nothing.

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    1) A Guyver bio boosted armour unit
    2) Teleportation ability
    3) Immortality or a HUGE load of cash

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    some crazy wishes here. here are mine:
    -getting the ability to not be tired if i dont want to (i still wanna sleep because i love it, but i dont want to be tired in the morning. im a completely sleep-mess)
    -some money, not crazy much like some people want here (like 500k-1million is all i wish for)
    -having a happy family with some children and the wife i desire

    just because i read "no world peace". i dont know if anyone is into x-files, but there is one episode there with a genie as well and someone wishes for "word peace". it can be done actually quite easily. how it was done? well, the time stopped and everything was frozen in place
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    1. Omniscience.
    2. Eternal youth (immortality is overrated).
    3. $5 million

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmiggy View Post
    3. To have complete control over the aging process, i.e. I can reverse it, speed it up, choose when I die, how long I want to live etc.[/B]
    1. ^ this.
    2. 1 billion dollars.
    3. A happy family.

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    I wish for more genies.
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    1. Another 3 wishes
    2. Money
    3. Power
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    1 - The ability to use the full capacity of my mind
    2- Id wish her free
    3- Id tap that

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    1- 100 billion dollars
    2-eternal youth/immortality
    3-an island full of hot women for my pleasure

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    1. a good paying job that is enjoyable to make money feel like it as value
    2. the ability to kill retarded politicians that would do shit like try to stop gay rights and ignore the actual issues
    3. have my dog live as long as me
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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