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    1) for wishes to be carried out in accordance to the intentions of the wisher
    2) for the removal of all rules regarding meta-wishes
    3) to be able to grant my own wishes at my discretion without limitation

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    1. Use my full brain capacity
    2. A like button for posts on MMO
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    1. The ability to grant anyone, including myself, immortality.
    2. The ability to read other people's minds (so as to grant only the really good people in the world immortality).
    3. The ability to fly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FusedMass View Post
    Genie appears.

    Let's say POOF. You are granted with three wishes. No you may not wish for a million wishes. The genie say's if you even try doing that she will vanish. Now, you can wish for whatever you want. As in you can not wish for something that will affect the entire world. Like World peace. But you could make yourself rich or even finish have a dead friend come back to life. As long as it's not anything that will forced the entire world to do something, like you cannot enslave man kind.
    1) Immortality
    2) Psychic powers (telepathy, telekinesis, mind editing, etc)
    3) More genies!

    This way I get the two main wishes that I'd want, both of which would allow me to get other wishes granted, and if there is not in fact a loophole for wishing for more genies, then I am still okay.

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    To have a house with my favorite amenities out in the country
    A nice truck
    And to be a PRo Tour Magic Player again

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    A place, with stuff
    1. Obtain a constantly upgrading computer that never dies, needs dusting/cleaning and never derps out with BSOD or any other issue.
    2. Boatloads of money to pay off any debt ever that I may or may not obtain.
    3. Teeth that never decay or get cavities or have any other issues involving teeth.
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    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

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    Since I can't be bothered with making sure the genie doesn't twist my wish somehow I'll assume I get exactly what I wish for, no negatives.

    1. A whole lot of money so that if anything bad does happen to myself or any I care for I'll at least have the money to solve the problem, if possible, and I got money for whatever I want I guess.
    2. Shapeshifting I guess, just for fun.
    3. And I guess being able to learn things very easily to make things a bit easier.

    I'm bad with wishes, can't ever think of anything I really want...

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    1 - Immortality
    2 - Invincibility
    3 - A new president

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    - absolute universal and intrdimensional omniscience, means that I know everything that happens now, in a second, in a billion years and last friday night inculding the knowledge to perform my self own scientificly made immortalty
    - time manipulation device, with stop/play/Back/forward machanics and that stuff
    - the resurrection of Jim Morrison as my court bard after I used my omniscience to rule the world^^
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    I've definitely thought on this before? Why, meh, its a fun thought sometimes!

    1. A room that I, and only I, could access anytime from anywhere whilst allowing me to leave to anywhere I desired as well.
    2. A machine like in the matrix where you plug in and can learn anything. Except without the plugging in part...
    3. I'd hold onto

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    1. some control over my future
    2. somewhere to live
    3. freedom for the poor genie

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    1. Endless amounts of money
    2. great wisdom
    3. the girl of my dreams
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    I'd wish for

    1. A stable income the rest of my life (certain amount as a minimum)

    2. To be reincarnated after death as a person (not a frog or a tree), alas having several lives

    3. Be an average joe in everything.

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    1. Gazillions of money, because money is power and makes you able to change the world.
    2. Restore my health
    3. Immortality, being able to eradicate evil and live forever and see all the wonderious tech. that will arise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FusedMass View Post
    No you may not wish for a million wishes.
    In that case i'd wish for more genies. :P Or:
    1: Infinite money
    2: Cure for everything
    3: Immortality

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    1- Happiness ....
    2-Less population on our world, making us more resourceful, something like that
    3-Great space technology to discover the universe!!!!
    Perfect Illusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocNess View Post
    I wish for more genies.

    Damned, beaten to it by Cernunnos.
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    1. shitloads of money.
    2. Be healthy
    3. Jessica alba

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    Quote Originally Posted by FusedMass View Post
    3. To be the most desire full person in the US.
    How 'bout a dictionary instead?

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    1: omnipotence
    2: omniscience
    3: omnipresence

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