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    1) Omnipotency
    2) Immortality (for me and my family)
    3) A hot anime babe
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    A way to extend my life or infinite life.
    A starship of my own.
    And to finally go from fat to atleast a little less fat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Now instead of being pissed off at four people at a time, I can be pissed off at TWENTY FOUR people at a time. That's called efficiency, my little enchiladas.

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    2. burn Panda Express to the ground
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    1: everyone understands that the first side who's words fail resorts to fists
    2: Be financially well off enough to be a perpetual student, only thing i'd ever have to worry about would be what to study next
    3: For all the shallow famous-for-being-famous people to wake up to themselves and commit mass seppuku

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    1. The ability to control everything about myself down to the atomic structure if I wish. (Meaning I can live forever, become Wolverine, w/e I want to)
    2. The ability to teleport ANYWHERE I want, whenever I want, with anyone/anything I want. If it would kill me, I could alter my atomic structure however I wanted to so I can live through anything. (Traveling to a world 100000 light years away FTW!)
    3. If any of these two actions would incapacitate, kill, crush, (anything that would make me not exist as a live person anymore and have a conscious thought to change myself), time would reverse and I would keep the knowledge of what was gained through that experience.

    Cuz that would be awesome...

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    1. Able to speak and understand 20 different languages of my choice
    2. To have a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer to a question of "Will I ever find that One whom I will marry and share my future with?"
    3. Can't really think of anything.. some kind of supernatural ability I guess (just haven't figured out what ) or a portal gun that works on every surface
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    1) Ability to teleport (myself and things/people i keep in my hands)
    2) Ability to cure/prolong lifes of anyone including myself infinitely
    3) Ability to change appearance of myself and others.

    That said i'd be an ultimate wrecker :/
    (A Hollow Man movie of 2009 comes to mind)

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    I am probably extremely boring, but
    1) Healthy life for myself and my loved one(s)
    2) Guarantee of never losing my job, and having decent enough income.
    3) happily ever after here? I don't know.

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    1: eternal youth/immortality
    2: total omniscience
    3: able to do magics and learn/invent new magics. REAL MAGIC not tricks with dem cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinoashi View Post
    #1: no religion (yes i know you're not supposed to talk about this on these forums, but that is an honest wish)
    #2: me, my family, and friends to have perfect homes, and not have to worry about food or income for the rest of our lives. (this includes without working)
    #3: to go back in time just once in my life, to give myself a good kick in the teeth, for making an unbelievably stupid mistake. (none yo damn business what it was btw)(no it has absolutely zero to do with a girl)
    So who's the girl?

    #1 like someone already said, a cure for asthma
    #2 go back 10 years in time
    #3 a bank account with unlimited money

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    Quote Originally Posted by FusedMass View Post

    Genie appears.

    Let's say POOF. You are granted with three wishes. No you may not wish for a million wishes. The genie say's if you even try doing that she will vanish.

    1 - The Patent to the cure for the common cold
    2 - World Peace
    3 - More Genies !

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    My attempt at being less of a pessimist was choosing Dawnbringer as my choice of server.
    I regret somethings! (like setting this in my signature)

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    Quote Originally Posted by timelord View Post
    1: omnipotence
    2: omniscience
    3: omnipresence
    That last one would kill you ... I'd stick to the first two if I were you

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    A scotch, a cigar and a blowjob.

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    "Can't wish for more wishes"

    I wish I could =)

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    1) Non Broken economy
    2) A Job
    3) The complete and total destruction of religion and political propaganda

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    i wish she wouldnt vanish when i make my next 2 wishes

    i wish wishing for more wishes would work

    i wish for more wishes

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    1. Give me super powers (every kind possible)
    2. enough money to a comfortable lifestyle for myself and my family (which includes super hero underground lair)
    3. I'll bank this one in case of an emergency

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    1. Immortality
    2. Invincibility
    3. The ability to pull out of my wallet the exact change for anything I want to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kompis View Post
    So who's the girl?

    as stated, was not a girl.

    had to do with me doing some criminal activity that fucked up my life for a good 5-6 years. i remedied it by joining the army (honestly if it wasnt for the army, i dont know where my life would be at right now), but its a mistake that i still, to this day, wish i could go back in time and bitch slap my past self.

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