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    What is the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up every morning? Do you have some special kind of "ritual" that you do every morning?

    Snooze, snooze and some more snooze.. And when I'm tired of the sound of my alarm I check Facebook and news on my iPhone.

    I also realized this morning that I do this every freakin' morning.. I get out of bed, opening my balcony-door, turning on my monitor and take a piss. Same thing every morning. Then it is game on!
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    Snooze.. (6 times at least), I have my alarm set to 7 AM but I usually wake at 9. Brush my teeth, check myself from a mirror, make coffee and then log into stock exchange and check on my profits.
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    Reach for the telly remote and turn it on for the news (if im up in the morning that is ;P), then its power on the PC while i head to the bog and then downstairs for coffee.

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    Hate my life, then get a can of coke, read news for a minute and fill up my water cooler

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    Slap the shit out of my alarm clock and wonder how the hell it's already morning, then take a shower/brush teeth/shave and go to work. I usually have just enough time to do all that and run out the door, so breakfast is skipped most of the time.

    I generally don't sleep well and feel like shit when it's time to get up, so I'm not a morning person at all.

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    On day of classes I snooze a few times, drag myself out of bed, put the kettle on, and fall asleep on the couch waiting for the kettle to go.

    Days off I lounge around a bit in bed, put kettle on, and check email.

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    I hear alarm clock, then say" fuck this shit" but get up anyway and then grumble and walk like a zombie to coffee machine. Take one sip and transform into a energetic person.

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    Go to the bathroom and take a leek

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    Go to the bathroom to take a piss, then go make coffee.

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    Turn on the news, put water on, go to the bathroom, grind my coffee, wake up my computer.

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    Pray that my dogs are not going to wake up and beg me to take them out.
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    Slog my way through the dark and into my bathroom. From there I proceed to step into the shower and let the cold water hit me like a semi-truck. That shit will wake you up, much better then coffee ever has.
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    I get up slowly, turn on my computer and go take a leak.

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    go back to bed with my back feeling pain and my mouth being dry as a desert

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    Light a smoke, take a leak, put the kettle on

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    Brush teeth, Check phone, Read flip board as i eat breakfast, and on good days go get some Starbucks
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    Usually hit the snooze a few times, and then get up shower and go to work/ school depending on the day. Days off I wake up around 9a.m go upstairs fill up my camelbak and start the morning off with a 10 mile bike ride and the. Lounge around the rest of the day Doing homework.

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    Open my eyes ofc! A more serious answer would be: Snooze a few times, get up, breakfast, go to work.

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    Most days I wake straight away > Turn on comp > Piss > Get a drink > Catch up on Facebook/MMO > Go to uni or play WoW.

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