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    Is broke now.

    Will broke again when MoP launch.

    Will fix eventually.

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    I been BGing a fair bit on my 85 pally main. Sporting Full cata gear with about 67% res and 26% pvp power.

    All I can say is Sanctified Wrath is BRUTAL. Holy shocks every 3 sec for 30 sec is insane. Nothing really can survive it. I usually only dps when SW is up, and spend the other time healing my team mates.

    What I find really nice is not been scared of rogues/mages anymore

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    Shockadin at 85 is crazy OP right now.

    HS hits for 25k, Denounce hits for 15k, Harsh Words x3 hits for 20k, Judgment hits 7k, HoW hits for 20k. All of those are non-crit estimates of what I do in bg's. If Sanc Wrath is up, you do sick damage. Like, damage a healer can't even come close to being able to heal through. It's insane right now.

    I'm having a hard time believing this patch really went live. I'm surprised it hasnt been dealt with yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    I finally got sick with how GC shits on my dk, so I just rerolled ret paladin. Level 58 today and will hit 85 long before mop hits. I played a paladin before but I really liked dks in wotlk so I mained a dk all through wotlk and about 3 months into cata, then I took a break and came back to wow only a month ago. Dks suck at pvp. Rogue, warrior, frost mage, hunter (the good one, not the back peddling tard) will kick your dk's butt hard, but I always hoped they get fixed in MoP. Fat chance of that, dks stay the same as in Cata so I'm gonna reroll.

    Now ret paladin in MoP = UNKITABLE. I mean really, on top of your hand of freedom, you get a speed boost everytime you judge, you have a ranged hamstring everytime you judge and you get a no cd instant ability that clears movement impairing effects. AND you get awesome survivability as well which is galaxies away from what dks have, with great self heals, a shield and an ability that reduces spelldamage by 40% for 10 sec every 1 min.

    Fuck it, for solo pvp, which I do a lot, ret paladin is the perfect class.
    Frost DK's are pretty powerful right now. Not sure about DW, but 2h is in a great place. Granted, you are somewhat of a glass cannon but you can do (IMO) better than average damage as 2H.
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    Stop dating strippers.
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    Kleinlax21 who is on your 'side' had no problem doing so.He also doesn't need to attack me in literally every sentence he types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xhelin View Post
    if it was that ridiculous ...blizzard would of fixed it by now I guess.
    No, no they wouldnt

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