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    Am I hacked? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello, today I tried to log in GW2 and i got this message

    you've enabled -mail authentication for this account. since you're logging in from a new IP address, you're required to authenticate using the email that has been sent to you please click the link provided to authenticate this log in

    Please check your email. A link is included which will allow you to authenticate this login attempt

    I gave a friend to try out the game 4 days ago after that I logged in and I played for few houts and now i didn't play for like 2 days and now I can't log in, am i really hacked or something? I tried to log on my hotmail but I didn't find anything but under spam folder authorized log in attempt


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    gotta get that email theres a new authentication

    some ppl are having bugs wiith it

    dont worry ure prolly not hacked

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    Try again. Arenanet's email server went down due to an internal network problem. It is back online now.

    I tried pinging their SMTP server and I was getting severe packetloss and over 9000 MS delay so I sort of figured it was down. No you haven't been hacked.

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    Damn I got scared as fuck! ^^ like someone hacked me and then he put authenticator on my account and i know i can't call them via skype like i can call blizzard

    cheers & thanks!

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