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    Inventory bug

    Really not sure where to report bugs officially so i'll ask here. I've crafted some 8 slot safe boxes through armorsmithing and now i can't compact or send collectables to bank or even see the contents of the safe boxes when i got to vendor stuff. Won't let me switch back to different bags either. Not sure if this is a known bug or not, but until it gets fixed i can't really play... my bags are full, i can't loot, i can't vendor, can't put stuff in bank. No way to free space whatsoever. Anyone know any tricks?

    And if anyone knows how to report bugs officially please let me know. Thanks.
    Dinkin Flicka.

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    I believe safe boxes are special bags that "hide" things you put in there for the purpose of NOT sending them to the bank or vendoring them. Safe boxes should just be boxes where the UI doesn't mess with the contents at all, but you have to manually arrange them.

    Edit: See wiki(dot)guildwars2(dot)com/wiki/Reinforced_Safe_Box

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  3. #3 the URL he typed. Yeah, safeboxes are intended to keep items safe so you don't get rid of them. Not intended for use as regular storage bags.
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    figured it out thanks guys. used to bags just being... bags.
    Dinkin Flicka.

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