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    Guild Upgrade Issues

    Any other Guild Leaders having trouble seeing their guild upgrades? We researched Politics Rank 1 and then researched Guild Emblem Template after it. However, after we finished researching Guild Emblem Template, all guild upgrades disappeared, Politics Rank 1 is gone, Emblem Template isn't showing, and our influence is now a small fraction of what it should be.

    I am the only one that can order upgrades, so either it is an interface error, or somehow the influence costs got double or triple counted and all the upgrades disappeared. We are earning influence normally again, just from a much lower number than it should be.

    Curious if anyone else encountered similar issues and if I should just hang tight as a fix is deployed?
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    I've encountered something similar - First of all, the price of upgrades did change sometime shortly after the "official" launch. Second I as guild creator couldn't see the upgrades but my officers could, thus I figure out that it is an interface bug. I have a strange feeling that it all tied into "log in" server issue and that it has problem retrieving the data. Several log out and log ins might let you see it properly but it is only a temporary fix.

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