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    How is Feral PVP right now?

    Title says it all. How's feral fairing in the crazy post 5.0.4 environment? Avoid "OMG HEALING" as a response, constructive replies only please.

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    I havent pvped my feral atm. But displace beast gives us a stealth option and mix that in with say mass entangle could be very handy
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    Rip and rake damage seem absurdly high, my tooltip says 70k damage and rake does even more per second.

    cat and bear charge being on the same cooldown is nice and glyph of shred is freaking awesome :3

    the talent that returns energy per cp is also a really nice fix to our energy starvation issues, i find it better than the improved forms.

    Gameplay feels about the same really, just a lot of QoL changes.

    Oh did i mention being able to wild charge to a team mate is awesome?

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    Feral feels quite capable. The survivability comes mostly from the strong self-healing that allows you to recover from even bad situations where you have got to low hp.
    People increasingly seem to be on the lookout for your predatory swiftness and nature's swiftness procs to silence you as soon as they are up, so you may end up in situations where you really need that big instant HT and can't get it off in time.

    I have a macro that does might of ursoc, then bear form if not in bear form (in case MoU is on CD), and then frenzied regen when in bear form. So I can spam it to go bear and then spam FR, quite useful when an instant HT is not available atm)

    I like disorienting roar a lot, it's pretty nice to have an aoe disorient on such a short CD. This very helpful against healers, you can't have enough ways to interrupt them as often as you can.

    We have some very strong escaping abilities, between the aoe CC we can spec and the in-combat restealth afforded by incarnation.

    I'm a bit on the fence regarding whether to spec faerie swarm or typhoon. The former is very useful or even indispensable in some situations (easier to catch up with flag carriers, easier to kill mounted people, also a must-have when defending in SoTA since the game decided it's not actually willing to let us not play it).
    Typhoon on the other hand is very useful in some BGs (like to throw people out of towers in AV, and of course AB, EoTS) and it is also another way to interrupt a spellcast on a short CD, so it's also very useful.

    The fact that we can instant cast CCs without leaving cat form is also very nice. In situations where I don't need to heal and don't need to cyclone someone, I find myself throwing entangling roots just not to waste the predatory swiftness proc. I wouldn't do that before because having to waste a GCD to switch back to cat after was annoying.

    Wild charge is very very nice because of the 15s CD even in cat form.

    Incarnation provides some quite ok additional burst by the way of ravage spam, but you really need to use berserk with it.

    Savage roar is a pain in the ass, I keep forgetting to keep it up despite having setup a big, very visible indicator with a timer for it in power aura. I've lost or almost lost fights by not doing enough damage because I let SR fall off.

    Thrash in cat form is something not to forget to use, too. It applies to all people around what used to be demoralizing roar, a debuff reducing physical damage dealt by 10%. I don't systematically use it though because it costs a lot of energy.

    Overall feral feels pretty strong in 1v1 and sometimes even 1v2 situations. More than that and you have good options to get out and heal. I haven't actually tried it much yet but I made a macro that does disorienting roar, travel form, wild charge, dash. (or disorienting roar, dash when indoors). I think it may be rather effective.

    Most of the time, when losing a 1v1 fight, I felt like I didn't play well enough or forgot to use something that could have made me survive and keep fighting, rather than a feeling that I couldn't possibly win the fight (which is the feeling I had when I tried my sub rogue on the ptr)
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