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    There is no guild wars event or this account isn't authorized? Could anyone help?

    Hey guys ,
    I cannot log in it says why in the topic heading , is there any reason because I can't find anything on the guilds wars website that hints or suggests that the servers may be down. I've played before , actually since the pre-release but it's odd I can't now if anyone could advice (: ?

    Thanks (:

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    Think you need to re-apply the code you got for GW2.
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    Register on the site. Had the same problem with CE pre-purchase.
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    I tried putting the code , my pre-purchase code it still doesn't work says that the card is already in use or whatever like that , but I have played already have a 26 thief :s

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    Oh , I didn't pick up my retail box , but I shifted to a different part of the world I ticketed the support on any solutions.

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