View Poll Results: Which is the least played Proffesion and WHY ?

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  • Elementalist

    2 2.67%
  • Engineer

    19 25.33%
  • Guardian

    4 5.33%
  • Mesmer

    17 22.67%
  • Necromancer

    20 26.67%
  • Ranger

    3 4.00%
  • Thief

    6 8.00%
  • Warrior

    4 5.33%
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    Arrow Least played profession

    What do you think it`s the least played profession and why ?

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    I think mesmer because not many players like the look or feel of it and because it's the only class along with engineer in my guild with only one member being it.
    Funny enough, I play mesmer.
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    I'ma say either a Warrior or Guardian.
    Now I've played neither. But I know that if you play with lag, it really screws you around.
    I've tried Rogue, so I know they can leap around the area and get to their targets, and also they can go a Pistol/Dagger combo.

    My main's engineer, and I love the autolock range attack. (I have Aus lag, not very nice in PvP and boss fights)
    My friend plays Warrior, but I often here him rage over having more than ordinary lag and missing with majority of hit attacks.
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    Not many thieves on my server. And mesmers. Loads of guardians and wariors.
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    Probably have to say Mesmer also. Barely seen them when I was playing. Saw so many Warriors they were everywhere. Engineers were a little bit scarce but not as much as Mesmers.

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    I think necro is, I see tons of mesmers, all the time, and other engineers.
    I barely ever see necros.
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    Playing on server gandara (EU) and i must say its pretty balanced her , the only class i really see wich has more than any other is warrior but for all the rest of the proffesions i see alot of all of them.
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    Kind of Ironic Engi and Mesmer are the 2 least played. Probably 2 of the hardest to play properly and when played properly are extremely fun + very very strong.

    Never lost a 1v1 on my Mesmer or my Engi

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    Necros, Engineers and Mesmers are the least popular classes. Every class poll so far has shown that. Which is the leat popular on your server may depend on a couple of factors.

    Warriors and Elementalists are by far the most popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    I'ma say either a Warrior or Guardian.
    Now I've played neither. But I know that if you play with lag, it really screws you around.
    Lol, have you actually played the game? The Warrior is the most popular profession with Guardian coming close behind. They can take a beating whiel dishing out insane amounts of damage.

    I'd also say there are not many Engineers and Mesmers around...

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    Think its the engineer, i just don't see them often.
    Guardians Warriors and Elementalists are the most populair, with Elementalist on top.
    think its also related to how it was in GW1.
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    The reason I think Warrior/Guardian classes are the most popular is because the game is new and people are all 'noobs'. As a result the safer bet is to choose the heavy-classes.

    As for least popular, hrm...I'd say Mesmer. Hardly seen any on Piken Square EU.

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    mesmer or necro.

    Probably necro, though as I play mesmer I many be biassed.

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    Necro has prohibitively ugly pets.
    I see alot of mesmers but that may just be because they split into like 5 @[email protected]

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    I think engineer, just because people coming from other MMOs might not be familiar with it and may stick with something they know.

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    i enjoy necro, but in sPvP i get bursted down by so many professions...

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    From my experience it's Necro. I have barely seen any on my server .

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    Id have to go with necro on this one.

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