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    I want to start running premades

    Hi all, I am wanting to start running premades via openraid.eu however I have never done anything like this before, I don't currently have access to a microphone as mine literally broke last night. At the moment I am only considering WSG/Twin Peaks premades as I feel they would be the easiest considering we would all have to type.

    What would be the best way to join a WSG with a 10 man team? Some people say queue 2 groups of 5 at once but as there will be no microphones, counting down will be relatively hard. The other option is to use Preform AV enabler.

    Would it actually work with the leader not having a microphone?


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    A leader for any kind of raid should have voice capabilities. Typing is not always possible or a good idea, especially in pvp. I'd get a new mic and then worry about it. They're not *that* expensive, and you could always get a cheaper temp mic while you save up for a nicer one if that's an issue.

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    No voice - no lead. It's as simple as that.

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    For WSG/TP premades the only thing you need is other people who can play as a team, since the odds are you are gonna meet 10 random players. I would prefer to just queue with 5 people, it is much more simple and you will always get a correct queue.

    But for RBGs a mic is a must for the raid leader, but for random bgs, you will be fine without it.

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    I guess joining a 10man with all people that have the same attitude (want to win) would work. Does preform av enabler function well with 10 man premades?

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    I've done plenty of 40man premades where the leaders didn't have a mic. Worked fine! I would prefer the leader had a mic were I doing rated BGs though
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    Of course if I were to run RBGs I would 100% have a mic, but against hopefully a team of 10 randoms, I hope it wont matter

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    I suggest going down to Walmart and picking up a cheap headset. They're like 10 bucks.

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    Randoms or not, get a mic.

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