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    remember: turn off threatening presence!

    threatening presence is a skill our voidwalkers, voidlords, felguards and wrathguards have. it's a cool skill. it's like a paladin's righteous fury, but even stronger.


    take a good look. mod 1000

    there's a problem about it though. it makes tanks angry. and angry tanks ask people to vote kick you and call you names. they are mean. you don't want to attract that kind of attention for yourself, do you?

    another problem: the skill is kind of hidden. your pet bar only has 4 buttons for skills and your felguard has 5 skills, so blizzard chose threatening presence to stay of of the bar. not their smartest decision ever lol

    so choose one of your felguard's skills, take it off his action bar, put threatening presence there and turn it off every time you get into a group where you aren't the tank

    (I chose felstorm, because I can trigger it with command demon, so why keep it there? lol)
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    Note that since Threatening Presence is "on" due to the default auto-cast, you actually have to click the ability off. It's not enough to just turn off auto-cast.

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    Also don't use a fel imp combined with glyph of demon training and soul link. Your imp will instantly pull aggro at the start of any fight and then get one shot - killing you.

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    I still get aggro with threatning pressence off both autocast and toggled off, in BIS gear expecialy at trash.
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    Still taunts with presence off, at least in EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellhamster View Post
    Still taunts with presence off, at least in EU.
    The presence is just a threat mod, not a taunt. You have to disabled the Voidwalker/Voidlord's taunt as well.

    Threatening Presence is just like Righteous Fury, cept about 2.5 strong (Righteous Fury is a 400% Threat Increase, Threatening Presence is 1000%).

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    ur wrong read other posts all pets r taunting still waitig on a hot fix on american servers

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    Off-topic, but I had to say that I love how OP's nickname suits his post.

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    I got this problem where it turns on threatening presence even though I turned it off, kinda annoying if you ask me. Anyone else got this issue? Using Grimoire of Supremacy.

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    Threatening presence has an auto-on (where the outside glows) and an on where the icon changes make sure both are off.

    On topic i tank with my druid and monk and almost every dungeon i come across either a hunter or a lock who's pet is taunting, so i let it die then carry on...

    After the 3rd or 4th pet death i will remind them to turn off their taunt/presence.

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