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    [Moonkin] Stormlash totem and what to do.

    Alright, so im gunna bring up a point about what to use while stomlash is active. These are the "Chapter 1" specs bliz has posted so far.

    Stormlash. Chapter One...

    The base damage is 20% of AP or 30% of SP, whichever is higher.
    That amount is multiplied by 0.2 for normal pets, and by 0 for guardian pets.
    Next, if it’s an autoattack (or spell that we count as an autoattack such as Wind Lash or Shadow Blades or Tiger Strikes), then it’s multiplied by 0.4, and then by WeaponSpeed / 2.6. And if it’s an offhand attack, it’s then multiplied by 0.5.
    * If it’s periodic damage, it doesn’t Stormlash, unless it’s Mind Flay, Malefic Grasp, or Drain Soul.
    * For all other spells, it’s then multiplied by BaseCastTime / 1.5 sec, with a floor on the BaseCastTime of 1.5 sec.
    And then there are multipliers for certain spells: 2x for Lightning Bolt, 2x for Lava Burst, 2x for Drain Soul, 0.5x for Sinister Strike.
    * Finally, that’s the average damage it deals. It will actually deal that +/- 15 %.
    It also has a 0.1 sec ICD on triggering, and can miss based on spell hit.

    I have placed an * next to ones that directly apply to us. So here is my question, I'm not too fancy at math but as blizzard has stated "For all other spells, it’s then multiplied by BaseCastTime / 1.5 sec, with a floor on the BaseCastTime of 1.5 sec." Is is it more beneficial to us to cast Wrath during this time or Starfire? Obviously Starfall is pretty important to use during this as well. Make sure your shaman calls ahead of time when they're using it!

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    Currently casting Wrath is like throwing a wed noodle compared to Starfire which is like throwing a house. :P So I don't think breaking our rotation would come to any benefit. Certainly planning ahead and be in Solar Eclipse when it's placed would be a good thing.

    Btw does Starfall count as periodic damage or a "channeled" spell?

    We will want to use most cds with Stormash as it is Nature damage, scaling with Incarnation and CA (which is an extend of Solar Eclipse). Also scales with Moonkin form and I don't know if the Nature spellpower converter Ferals/Guardians get interacts with it. Looks like druids are playing really well with shamans this expansion

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