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    199. There are quite a few very easily obtainable mounts that I haven't collected yet, too.

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    157 thus far
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    Armoury shows 223 but i think its including mounts from the one alliance character I have, hordeside specifically I think I'm at 193, just got the green primordial raptor last night from my primal egg from isle of giants )

    Just checked guildox, I have 195 mounts hordeside.
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    armory says 224

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    My armory says I have 222 unique mounts. I didn't realize I had that many. I could have sworn I was still sitting at like 148 or something equally as charming.

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    Armory says 207, but armory lies 172 mounts so far, still need to get few easy obtainable, like AT ones.

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    I have 158 mounts.

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    Atm 128, not even collecting them as crazy or so > just got them over time.

    But now i have 128 im LF ways to go 150 ofcourse
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    About 80, not a mount collector

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    235 give or take with no store mounts, or raf mounts, and only 1 tcg mount.
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    278 with no tcg and 2 store mounts(gifted to me). Ultraxion is the only instance mount I'm missing pre-Mists.

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    Looks like 209 now not including class mounts or Grumpus since I haven't added him yet.
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    312. Have all store mounts, still need 5 TCG mounts, but will probably only get 2-3 of them and will have all RAF mounts when the bill for the second month goes through.
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    329. Also why did these random old threads get necro'd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TacoCatt View Post
    329. Also why did these random old threads get necro'd.
    Why not? At least it's being used for it's intended purpose.
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    I have 337 atm
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    If we're talking about the single toon owning the most it would be my shammy (at 246 atm). My other alliance toons stand around 242-243. Including both alliance & horde would exceed 246 obviously. I'd have more but I've held off spending gold on most vendor mounts since WoD in order to finish getting the rest of the tcg mounts and trying to get a carry for the cm mount (unfortunately nobody is selling them on my server atm so it may not happen but we'll see).

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    326 on my main, getting the card mounts has lost its appeal while the prices are high so I am hoping Legion doesn't come with a gold generator like the garrison was so the prices go down. History tells me that won't happen.

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