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    over 9000 mounts
    "BC was a hot chick that took alot of work but was rewarding in the end, Cata is the drunk chick that supplied similar results with less effort." -couldnt have said it better.

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    Give up trying to understand her, women tend to handle problems with emotion rather than logic.

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    My main had 152 mounts before the patch, and 154 after (only mounts I gained were the Grand Black War Mammoth and the Headless Horseman mount, both obtained on my warrior alt)

    Quote Originally Posted by istrain View Post
    Pretty sure this is counting ones I can't use on my main though like the Flying Carpets, Engineer mounts, Pally chargers and DK ground and flying mounts.
    It only includes the paladin/dk/warlock mounts on chars of those three classes, as I've got 154 mounts on my mage, 157 mounts on my paladin and 156 on my warlock.
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    With the new patch, im up to 130

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellweaver View Post
    It only includes the paladin/dk/warlock mounts on chars of those three classes, as I've got 154 mounts on my mage, 157 mounts on my paladin and 156 on my warlock.
    Ah interesting. I honestly haven't logged on long enough to notice. I guess I had more on the main then I thought. Thanks for the info.

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    142 pre patch 149 now or 151 on my lock / paladin since class mounts count but are not acc wide.

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    154 for my Alliance characters, only 89 for my Horde.

    I had a few holiday mounts on my alts, not to mention the flying carpets on one of my tailors (which is to say, not my main). All in all, I think the patch bumped up my total for my main by 6 or so. Kind of sad that more didn't transfer over to my little Hordies.

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    106. Was 102.
    Bacon is the thing pigs give you when you're good.

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    138 mounts dont got any TCG or any rare flying mount

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    Right here, right now
    135, yet only fiery raven lord and pureblood firehawk matters to me, simply best mounts ever introduced, gonna ride them till the game dies ;p

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    156 on mage, couple more on pala/dk/warlock. Think I gained 5 total.

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    167 mounts 158 pre patch

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    105.. was 101 pre patch

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    145 here. The same number i had before the merging.... joys of having an absolute main and only a couple alts for fun and dead moments.

    On a side note, its fun to go around on all my low lvl alts with the Insane title and Twilight Harbinger :P
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    Frogspoison#1419 Battletag
    166. Got Sea Turtle and Drake of South Wind from alts, as well as a myriad of various prof mounts.
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Up to 165 now, on my Horde main, getting Fiery Warhorse and rare Spectral from alts. So not much higher, but I should be getting the two heroic mounts either this week or next, so it's mostly the fun for my alts rather than my main. xD

    I was surprised that you could ride on epic mounts at 20 though, haha. I was so psyched to run around on Raven Lord on my lvl. 20 Ally druid.

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    The Crucible
    108 mounts currently.

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    7.3.5, enjoying World of Warcraft to the fullest!
    165 on both sides. I found that faction changing a toon converted all mounts, so I'm a happy bunny. Goal for MoP: 200 mounts and all TCG mounts.

    Goal I had for Cata: 150 mounts. Pretty pleased with the end result. I only gained Time-Lost Proto-drake from an alt.
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    How miserable is your life to be posting on a fansite for a game that you hate/hate the ideals of?
    Wanna know who's a closet Yiff? Find out how adamant they are about Vulpera being for "sexually deviant Furries", there's your answer!

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    varies between 144 and 146, depending on what character i am logged in. (class & pvp mounts)

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    122 and counting

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    180 pre patch, 180 post patch. :P I was dedicated to one char . Still have around 10 TCG mounts to collect.

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