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    245 atm, still missing a bunch of easy ones from MoP

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    191 with no alliance characters.

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    Worth all the money Mehman's Avatar
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    I only have 128 (On DK, pala and warlock chars)

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    Pit Lord Voyager's Avatar
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    24 or so, I only collect mounts I actually like.

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    195 atm

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    High Overlord
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    Currently sitting on 175 mounts, with Shado-pan / Tillers / August Celestials still to complete.

    Will bring me towards 185 or something.
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    77 mounts, noone of the particulary rare

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    I am on 123 at the moment. Still doing Ony, Alar, Fiery warhorse. Trying to do Atleast one run of the HC dungeon mounts I do not have already.

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    The Lightbringer Issalice's Avatar
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    87, and none of them are particularly awesome. I am going for the achieve, so everyone helps. But it would be ever so nice if a bad ass mount would drop for me already lol.

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    196 here. Just got Drake of the North Wind last night!

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    so far I got 276 account wide mounts but this counts all alliances and horde mounts.

    so far can use up to these ammount per characters.

    warrior 201
    pala 204
    mage 201
    dk 201
    monk 201

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    ingame pet tab is showing 181 iirc, but armory states 198

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    Horde only, ingame 197 on main, 199 on armory.

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    Blademaster Budoma's Avatar
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    Horde, i have about 90. Anyone have any tips on how I can get those last 10 ? I'm currently attempting to farm the White Hawkstrider and Ravenlord, I know i'm missing two pvp mounts so that makes 4 once those are all said and one with. I need 6 more. Any tips ?

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    Stood in the Fire Grap's Avatar
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    i have 171 but still missing some mounts from the new factions i'm not yet exalted

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    102. Just got the achievement last week.

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    Herald of the Titans Deathgoose's Avatar
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    I have ~110-ish, but honestly, I mostly use the HH mount or the RaF winged kitty on my characters.

    Other than the Water Strider on non-water walking classes. Love that one! So silly!

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    I had 168 going into Mists. I am at 204. No new drops, with only 3 purchasables to go.

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    I used to have a lot of mounts, compared to non-collectors anyway. But since I didn't buy MoP 'til it'd already been out a month and only just hit 90 a few days before my sub ran out, I've now fallen woefully behind on new reputation mounts. The only MoP mounts I have at the moment are the two cheaper yaks, which still kind of put me in the hole since I haven't been below 10k gold in years it feels like. I haven't even leveled my Pandaren to 20 yet, so the turtles, which would've been an easy addition, still elude me.
    I think I'm sitting around 135ish then, but that's not counting any Horde mounts, and is all from one character. Which, back before account-wide mounts, is what I thought made my collection so special; a lot of people have random rare mounts on random alts, but I did all my grinding on my main. <3

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    before patch i had 80 or so.

    thnx to account wide stuff, im over 100 now.
    i got 120 or so?

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