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    Armory: 195
    Main in game: 171

    I do not have Netherdrakes, Yaks, Klaxxi Scorpion, Thundering August Serpent... I think that's it for purchasable/rep mounts. I have Alani so there's really no reason for me to spend 9k on the AC serpent... Yaks are ugly and I really didn't want to spend my life farming eggs especially now with CRZ.

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    210 on my main. DK/Paladin/Warlock has 212, Armory shows me at 238. Should I actually get the mounts on an alliance, that could put me a bit over 260-280, depending on how far I would go for mounts that I would never see on my main.
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    Armory: 232
    Main ingame (mage): 202

    Usually counting from the 202 on my mage since that seems like the most accurate number of mounts I can actually use at one given time.
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    287 on the armory, but 219 in-game. Still missing a few easy mounts too, like the tournament ones and the Cataclysm meta ones, just being lazy atm.

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    200 on my main (mage), 228 according to armory (but armory includes horde mounts aswell, and I don't have many of those)
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    Currently have 223 mounts on my hunter, armory has me at 299 mounts.

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    226 on Armory (which also includes Horde mounts), 177 is highest in-game (on my Paladin alt).

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    I currently have 192 mounts on my main

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    168 currently on my main. Missing most of the argent tournament ones though.

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    A bit off-topic - can i just buy the alliance faction mounts and get the 150 mounts achievment? I currently have 117 on my horde toon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyatch View Post
    A bit off-topic - can i just buy the alliance faction mounts and get the 150 mounts achievment? I currently have 117 on my horde toon.
    Nope. You need 150 on a character, not on your armory.

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    Armory: 148
    In game: 131
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    238 on Armory, 163 on main I believe.

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    186 on armoury.

    Definitely over 150 on my main, but I can't remember by how many. Missing one or two from the Argent Tourney, all of the raid achieve ones since Cata and working on the JC ones.

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    151 if i remember correctly, don't know about armory but it doesn't really count imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    77 >.< i'm not really into mount collecting
    you have 142 now <3 enjoy September 0o

    armory that because it includes alliance and horde?
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    I am up to 170 now but still working on getting a few from earlier expansions that i have missed!

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    Now up to 242 on armory and 188 on my main. Finally got Attumen's horse, the Reins of the Fiery Warhorse after weeks of farming it on 10 different characters! And the blue bug popped up in the same week from Tol'vir archaeology! Lucky me, now for that stupid, filthy turtle...
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    91 Damn! Got some work to do.

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    222 on armory
    166 on my main

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