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    Quote Originally Posted by wilcox1232 View Post
    Picked up Alani last night that puts me at 215, all only horde the fact that it counts ally mounts to is blasphemous.
    Does not count towards achievement though

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    Worth all the money Mehman's Avatar
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    I'm only sitting at 135. I really need to get more but I'm just so lazy

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    The Lightbringer Razorice's Avatar
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    136 I think, something around that.

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    The /Bounce Emote Wishblade's Avatar
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    Just got to 167 ingame today.

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    u guys are such mount whores

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    129 is my current number, been farming that white hawkstrider for around 80 kills on all my characters now.

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    I am currently at 156. Trying to get Onyxia and Ashes atm. Wish me luck!

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    Apparently I have 95, but I really want to get to that 150 point. Is the answer just spending gold and farming old drop chance mounts?

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    55 at the moment. Not huge into mount collecting - I don't have the patience to do the tedious daily quest rep grinds required for a lot of them. I got that out of my system after just the Netherwing Drake and Nether Ray grinds.

    Even then, I've still not bought all of the rays. I don't need to have all the colours of each mount - just the ones I particularly like are enough.

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    According to armory, I'm sitting at 257 horde side, or 255 alliance side. (Mechano-hog doesn't transfer over; not sure what the other one is. Think someone in this thread mentioned mammoth?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    3 come at me:P.

    Am trying to save up for the reforge mount though.
    And I have achieved success!
    Time...line? Time isn't made out of lines. It is made out of circles. That is why clocks are round. ~ Caboose

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    @Doc: Armory counts both sides so you should check your mount tab ingame to see how many unique mounts you have. (I'm guessing the 257 horde character is a paladin/warlock/deathknight?)

    I'm on 222 (lol) uniques right now, think I only got 1 mount transferred over during the account wide merge (Blazing drake). 299 account wide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinze View Post
    @Doc: Armory counts both sides so you should check your mount tab ingame to see how many unique mounts you have. (I'm guessing the 257 horde character is a paladin/warlock/deathknight?).
    D'oh! Yes, warlock. Did the quest chain back in the day; still have the three items in my bank for nostalgia's sake. Didn't even think about that. (Did the paladin quest chain for the mount back then on an alt, too: tabard was just too sweet.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narbootz View Post
    Before this patch I had estimated my number to be around 135-140 (never officially sat down and counted). After the patch it says I have 152 mounts. So the question is did you find out you had more mounts than you thought? If so how many are you at now?
    Paladins, Wlocks and DKs got 2 class mounts. So on those. I got 174.

    172 on every other chars (like my mains)
    Main(s) since Classic:
    Hunter and Enha sham

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    203 in armory, i wanna say 170ish on my main.

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    134-135 depending on which character I'm on. (I don't count the 170-something on armory as I never play alliance).

    I have no MoP mounts and if memory serves, the only Cata mount I have is my RBG wolf. . .so there's plenty out there; however, I only have eyes for the Ony drake and maybe the plagued proto at this point=)

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    152. Still have several easy ones to get.

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    171, but I have to buy the expensive ones from MoP factions.

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    Wtf....armory says I got 190, In game I have about 165 (maybe a couple more). I see it has counted the Black War Mammoth twice, and some others as well. Also, on the Not Collected tab, I see mounts that don't exist in game, like the Crimson Water Strider (wtf is that?), and mounts that I have (like the Riding Yaks from Tillers).

    Bugged armory much?

    Link for reference -

    Edit: After further inspection, it seems it has kept some Alliance mounts I had...or is it perhaps that, my Alliance characters keep the Alliance version whereas my Horde main keeps the Horde version? I mean, I bought the Mechano-Hog as a Horde. Does this mean if I log on an Alliance character, he will have the Chopper?
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