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    Will I need all pre MoP glyphs.

    Hi guy's, new scribe and first time poster here.
    I have a couple of questions.
    Will I need to know all pre MoP glyphs learned thru research, and Book of Glyph Mastery to be able and learn MoP glyphs.
    If I don't know all the pre MoP glyphs by the time MoP is live, will useing the Book of Glyph Mastery give me a chance to learn a new MoP glyph, or just the old glyphs.
    Thanks for any help.

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    No, you don't need to learn all glyphs to learn the new ones from the trainer. We're not sure how the Inscription from 525 to 600 is going to look like, cause at the moment there are only a few items on the trainer, and none of the new glyphs ( even though there are a bunch of them datamined and available through beta only vendors ) but it looks like there will be a bunch of glyphs learnt at the different levels to pave the way from 525 to 600.

    What's more interesting to you is probably that there is a daily cooldown in Mists you can do past 525 that will teach you 1 new glyph you don't know yet. We are guessing this will teach you any 1 glyph from Minor inscription research, Northrend Inscription research or the Glyph Mastery Books. This means that you could do both those old researches + the new one and learn 3 glyphs a day without spending a load of gold on the the Books.

    About the books teaching you new Mists glyphs, I'm pretty sure they wont. My guess is they'll all be either trainer learnt OR from the new research. It would be a bit silly to have books from 2 expansions ago give you current day glyphs.

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    Thanks for the quick info.
    I have about 20 of the books, guess I'll just use them now instead of holding on to them.
    So would it be true that me, not knowing all the pre MoP glyphs will be able to learn the new glyphs in the same time frame as someone that knows all the old glyphs.
    Sorry for being so long winded, just want to make sure and get my point across.
    Will the new daily cooldown in Mist only teach a MoP glyph, or is their a chance of learning a pre MoP glyph that you don't know yet.
    Thanks again for any help.
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    if you plan on selling glyphs, or helping friends/guildies out, then dont neglect the older glyphs since most of them have changed to some degree. some flavor glyphs are available now and are just as attractive as what is still to come in a few weeks.
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    Yes, I very much plan to be selling glyphs.
    That's the reason that I'm very interested in knowing if I will have the same starting point as a scribe that knows all the old glyphs.
    Thanks for all your help.

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    The way it is worded in the spell
    In the process, you may discover a glyph recipe you have yet to learn.
    I can not for the life of me imagine that they'd use this in any other way then to learn all of the old glyphs you don't know yet, and NOT new ones. At all. But this is just me guessing at the intent of it all. With Inscription not in a working state on the beta I can not give you a definitive answer.

    EDIT: to clarify a bit. It is obvious to me that they chose not to be specific about what glyphs you can learn with it, thus me assuming it will be usable for ALL glyphs you don't know. Since there is also nothing along the lines of "after you have learned all of these new Mists glyphs that you need to level" I can also not imagine that they stick leveling glyphs for Mists in a very large pool of unknown glyphs risking people waste several days of 1 day cooldown to maybe get a glyph they can level with. Thus leading me to think there are in fact no new Mists glyphs to be discovered, but only trainer learnt ones. I could be wrong though, and there might be a few new Mists glyphs that only become available through this new research, but I seriously doubt that Blizz would have then not been more clear about this.
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    You've answered all my questions.
    Thank you very much.

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