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    The Walking Dead (Telltale Series)

    So with the release of Episode 3, and 2 more episodes confirmed for this game (A sequel was announced), I wonder what everyone's opinion is on the game.

    I loved episode 1 and 2, but 3 kinda irked me, the game is built on the idea of choices, and what not. You save one person in episode 1 (Doug or Carley), and from there you build a deep friendship with them (You can get as far as a cheek kiss from Carley in episode 3).

    My issue was, that in #3 the choices seemed limited. Namely because no matter how you choose it this time, the results have a very very minor effect. Examples.

    Killing the random survivor wont impact how many zombies you'll face in the escape, and only offers dialogue difference for one cutscene later.

    Spoilers Below

    Regardless of who you saved in Episode 1 (Doug/Carley), they meet the same fate regardless of your relationship.

    Lilly leaves the group regardless.

    Kenny and Lee come to blows.

    Kat and Duck's story has no impact, other than either having Lee or Kenny doing the deed at the end.

    The new person, Omid, breaks his leg no matter what you do, crippling him. Also he gets on the train, regardless if you save him or not.

    The only thing I saw for choice was the option to take other new member (Chuck)'s advice and cut Clem's hair. Like the red hoodie, it is optional, and may only be a cosmetic difference.


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    Bit annoyed about some aspects of episode 3 (the whole lilly ken carley situation)

    I did enjoy the game as a whole waiting on episode 4!

    Clem is also my fav character, she sees people getting eaten chopped up shot etc and she just gets on with it. Little trooper.

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    When was the sequel announced?
    Gonna check it.


    I persuaded Kenny without using my fists.

    Other than that the same things happened.

    Carley will remember that.

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    Only played 1 and 2- have 3 downloaded but haven't played. Why? Doesn't seem to like my eyefinity setup. for a breif second I get visuals on my right monitor, then it all goes black and I have to kill the task- this still happens with the widescreen fixer app.

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    Yeah, the third episode was VERY linear. My favorite so far is episode 2.

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    It's good, but I wish the story had actually branched based on your choices.

    All that's changed so far seems to have been who screams at me, and for what.

    Sometimes I don't even get that much.
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    The third episode made the impression that there was no choice at all anyway, since whomever you saved died now anyway. Doug dies too if you saved him, he tries to save Ben but gets shot.

    Lilly leaves no matter what. Duck and Katja die no matter what.

    You can't kick Ben even though it's his fault no matter what.

    Nothing you do changes anything. If last two episodes are the same it will be kind of boring and as such ruining the game for good. First 2 1/2 parts were great, it all goes well until you all get in the mini-van and leave.

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    Apparently Lilly is in the comics, and (should) appear in Season 3 of Walking Dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAcoreRD View Post
    Apparently Lilly is in the comics, and (should) appear in Season 3 of Walking Dead.
    I won't spoil it for you but from reading the comics I can confirm there is a Lilly and the one we know should be appearing in the tv show this coming season.

    Personally i'm really dissapointed about this game I absolutely love it but we we're told our choices would impact the story but so far it really hasn't and with the ending of episode 3 we've basically had our decisions removed and given a chance to start over.

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    I watch playthroughs online of this game and it looks fairly entertaining. I am surprised I have gone as long as I had without ever hearing about it till a week or two ago. Seemingly good gameplay, but at the moment I have no interest in actually playing it
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    They released Episode 4 today.

    I felt it was the longest and dropped the biggest bomb shell(s) in term of story. Choices wise, it's another "save them or leave them" scenario.

    I thought this episode was the best one, but the ending seems to have stirred up the fan base, who are still pissed over Carley/Doug's fate.

    Spoiler (read at your own risk)
    Chuck (the hobo) dies off the bat. You can save, or kill Ben. I chose to kill him (because he got Carley killed), though I regretted it as he was screaming as he dies). Clementine is disappointed you can't find her family and runs off, and is apparently kidnapped by the man on the radio.

    Finally, Lee is bitten at the end of the episode, sealing his fate. You can show the group, or try to conceal it, (I showed them). Based on your previous choices, you can decide to bring: Ben (If he lives), Kenny (if you supported him/killed Larry), Omid, and Christa, or you may go alone.

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    Amazing game, I can't wait for episode 5 to come out now.

    Its pretty sad that in episode 3, you lose both Carley/Doug and Lilly, just because Ben was too chicken to confess. If I was Lee, I would've thrown him in front of the train the moment he finally confessed.

    I wanted to do a playtrough while siding with Lilly, but because of episode 3 it doesn't matter anymore... I'll have to stick with Kenny

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    If you side with Lilly, when you go to get the pencil for the train instructions you find she's about to steal the RV. She'll ask you if you want to flee with her. If no, Lee runs out of the RV to warn Kenny and she escapes. If yes, she asks you to get Clem. When Lee leaves to get Clem, Lilly drives away.

    I found if you threaten to kill Ben on the train, Lee will back down, which is unfortunate. He easily could've thrown Ben off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAcoreRD View Post
    If yes, she asks you to get Clem. When Lee leaves to get Clem, Lilly drives away.
    Such a good opportunity wasted, could have branched off really good here and actually gave meaning to your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnorei View Post
    Such a good opportunity wasted, could have branched off really good here and actually gave meaning to your choice.
    I think they did this because she's the same Lilly the governor uses in the comic series. They didn't want to screw with story too much

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    So, the season finale was released today. Season 2 was confirmed, and the ending set the stage for it.

    I like that past decisions caught up, but a lot of them just served as plot points.

    Also what a sad damn ending. I couldn't watch it without crying.

    Spoilers below**

    Ben either dies by you dropping him last episode, or Kenny kills him trying to save him in this episode. Kenny dies either saving Ben or Crista. Vernon and his team stole the boat, and the antagonist of the series turns out to be the owner of the car your group stole from in Episode 2. You can cut Lee's infected arm off (like Hershel's wounded leg from the show), but it's merely cosmetic and changes 3 cutscenes as a result.

    In the end you stand with 2 choices.

    Clem can kill Lee, or Clem can leave Lee, who in turn passes away and becomes infected.

    After the credits, Clem is seen walking outside the city, depressed, she spots 2 figures in the distance, who may be Omid and Crista (she cannot identify them). Then the scene ends.

    It'd seem in season 2 you maybe playing as Clem, or atleast continue from her perspective.

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    Amazing finale episode, altrough it could've been a bit longer. Now I already can't wait for season 2, which hopefully will feature Clementine back.

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