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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojou View Post
    Taken from the Sept 1 "State of the Game" article. I can slightly understand the banning of someone over an offensive name, but banning over offensive language? Is this for real? Players have the option to keep the language filter on (which it is by DEFAULT). If someone is that emotionally sensitive that they can't handle the harshness of the internet and its online bullies, perhaps they shouldn't turn if off. Anyway, just saw this, completely disagreed with their policy on both player interaction and was curious what your reactions were.

    Yawn. I've personally gotten way more people banned for saying "fuck" in non-abusive context than that. I can't really extrapolate on the specifics of how I've done so personally, however, on such a public WoW site.
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    Tools gonna tool.

    Don't act like an ass and you won't be shit on.

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    This is old news. They've been suspending for offensive language/names since day one of the headstart period. I've never understood why people are so shocked/appalled either, seeing as Blizzard has the same policy (although not as strictly enforced).

    I'm actually more surprised that it's only 23 accounts suspended.

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    Please use the following for ALL ban discussion:

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