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    Guess my question is, what are playing for at end game?

    I'm lvl 24. I got all the skill point unlocks I want to use. Been spending my time in WvWvW and I'm burning out on the same ole zerg gameplay that's in every mmo. Unfortunately this game is no different in the WvW zones. Big zerg > little zerg range spam. From what I'm seeing the end game is nothing more than a dress up game, get your coins and unlock the skins to change up your look. What am I missing? I'm not talking about the pve game and the countless events and map unlocks, that stuff straight up bores me to be honest. Is this game just Call of Duty , but in a mmo form? We que up for matches and rinse repeat?

    So, from a pvp view, what is the end game of gw2? Thanks.
    May I ask what you are looking for to do in the end game of a MMO?

    In terms of comparing the PvP to Call of Duty in mmo form I think a closer comparison would be Counter-Strike in MMO form. Spvp is a very pure type of pvp experience that I have not seen in another mmo.

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    These 'what is end game' questions are quite tiresome. The reason these questions arise is because end-game is so incredibly vast, with so much to do. Unlike for example wow, where end-game is limited to raiding and capping conquest points.

    As for the OPs remark: Everything, in every mmo, seems like a zerg if you don't understand what's happening. I'm playing with a group of 14 friends and as long as we're together we totally own everything in our way and no, we ain't skilled, we just work together.

    Take a look at a BJJ fight, or US wrestling fight. I bet you only see 2 males hugging. Lack of understanding, but you can work on that if you want to.

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    I dont get why people enjoy the gear treadmill. Its artificial difficulty.
    Would be so happy in WoW if only trinkets and weapons got updated each new raid. It makes old content obsoloete forcing raiders to think they are wasting their time doing anything else.

    Meh, in wow the only PVE I do is LFR and its only to be a need-bot for buddies.

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