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    Farming Honor Kills: What level would be best?

    Me and a couple of friends want to try and get 'Of the Horde/Alliance' (100.000 honor kills) as fast and efficiently as we can. Now that honor kills are shared all over your account, I was wondering on what level, class and faction to do so.

    Even though my main is a balance druid with BiS pvp gear (Orange stick and Cunning HC included) I doubt that it's the fastest way to farm them. We cooked up a plan to create level 64 twinks with AQ40 "BiS" gear and farm the remaining HK's on those (about 35-40k).

    Has anyone thought of an easier way to farm them? If so, on what character/level would you advice to do it?

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    interesting idea, keep us updated

    been there done that... except AQ opening event, fml -.-

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    openraid IoC HK farm

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    I think max level is still the best way to do it. Possibly premades. Low level (60-64) will have longer queues.
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    Im not sure if its still possible, but if you have alot of friends playing WoW the easiest and fastest way to get shitloads of honorable kills is at lvl 1, go into party with lvl 85 friend and let the rest of your friends roll lvl 1 chars of opposite faction. Go to some graveyard and let your 85 buddy kill them and they have to revive instantly at spirit healer when they die...

    Now with account wide honorable kills you might even get a ban for it, cause its serious exploit, but as i said, i have no idea if it even still works, never tried it out myself.

    This guy has bloodthirsty title at lvl 1, there is even ress macro in the description for fast ressurections:

    EDIT: as one of the comments to the video says, you are no longer able to get honorable kill from characters below lvl 5, its still possible but slightly harder using trial accounts and leveling those chars to lvl 5
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