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    idea of new guild in limbo - I assumed a much better response... Trion needs to address the difficulty of new guilds to start up by making basic "profession leveling" and "money earning" default.

    The perk system stifles the launch of "new guilds"

    As the system is at the moment, it's friggin' hard to attract new players to a guild as people want the perks a bigger guild offers.
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    Guild Name: The Watch
    Server Name: Threesprings
    Website URL:
    Guardian/Defiant (It will still apply for PVP servers): Mixed
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): Raids are 5:30-8:00 Tues-Thurs nights (PST), but several members use CST and EST. We also run a Friday and Sunday TODQ at the same time.
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PvE
    Guild description of who you are and what you are looking for:
    I'm just gonna copy and paste a bit of what's in the little blurb on the website "Charter".
    The Watch is striving to be a dual minded guild, to have both raiders and casual players . We are older people but young at heart. We are looking for "like minded players" those that enjoy all aspects of the game which include as a guild, questing, pvp'ing, crafting and of course raiding. We believe in playing the game how you see fit. We work with in our class make up, not requiring particular spec choice, with the understanding that raiders will need to have a raid spec that is needed for the content.
    That is the very broad, general overview of the guild. We have struggled with some attendance in the last month or so leading to our raiding progression being stymied (having to bring under-geared players, less players, or just not raiding at all has caused our progression to fall farther behind than it should be). The people, for the most part, are a fun group and are very welcoming and most are very knowledgeable about their classes. It is an older, laid-back crowd (I feel young at 27 in this group).

    I have recently found out that we have opened recruiting again for specifics:
    Two Warriors - DPS and Beast Master
    One Cleric - DPS
    Two Rogues - Tank and DPS

    Unfortunately, we do have a lot of mages in the raids, but I will say we will take exceptional players (Lord knows we need a couple more). If you're worried about being pigeon-holed into one role, don't be. Most people get the chance to play other specs. I, myself, have played Archon, DPS, and Chloro. My brother who is a MT has DPS'd and BM'd as well. Even if you don't want to do anything but DPS, it's a bonus if you utilize the soul system to at least have the other specs available in a pinch.

    Lastly, since we have had a problem with it, ideally you know how to avoid mechanics and whatnot. Prefer people already level 60 - no need to be super geared - but being able to gear up in experts right away would be an asset.

    Any other questions, PM me or chat in game to me, [email protected] I can direct you to the actual people in charge of the guild .

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    Looking for a new guild on Blightweald EU. Not worried about the level or the perks, would be nice to just have nice people in guild chat whilst I level on my lonesome

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    Guild Name: Axiom
    Server Name: Faeblight
    Website URL: www axiomguild net
    Guardian/Defiant (It will still apply for PVP servers): Both
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): US West - Raid Times are Th Su M 6:30 - 9:00 Server
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE/RP
    Guild description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    AXIOM is the evolution of a group of players that have been playing together for nearly a decade. This group of players has changed as the years have gone by, and the name of the organization has changed to suite the desires and needs of those under its banner, but the core ideals and principles of these players has not changed, and remains the driving and defining force for all involved.

    In its current incarnation AXIOM was founded to create a new home for those seeking a friendly and welcoming guild that still strives to overcome challenges and progress together through the end game content in Rift.

    Core Beliefs

    Family, real life and the world as a whole should always come first. Games are a form of entertainment and it should never be demanded of a person that they value the game over their health, family, job or daylight.

    Community is everything, and no member shall ever be shunned or tossed aside because something better comes along. We are here to play and enjoy the game together, as such there is nothing more valuable to us than our members and their continued participation.

    Drama is not an acceptable method for conflict resolution. Communities will always have bumps and hiccups, but there is a time and a place to settle things or work out issues. Making a scene in guild or in public is not acceptable. We expect our members to be adults and work out any differences in a calm and mature manner.

    Plans and Goals

    At the end of the day, we enjoy playing games together and experiences the challenges put forward by those games. Endgame raiding and progression will always be a primary goal for the guild, and as such we expect those who wish to join us in that goal to always strive to be the best they can be.

    We welcome all types of players including Casual and Hardcore, and we encourage every person to do whatever makes them happy in the game. Those who do not wish to raid are welcome, and may always change their mind. There is no requirement to be a member of AXIOM other than being a good person and participating in the community in whatever way works for you.

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    <Infinity> is looking for skilled raiders for our new guild in Rift. New meaning brand new level 1 since f2p. We are made up of veteran wow players, wow players who just aren't satisfied or currently bored with WoWs current content, friends, and players looking to expand our MMO field into another competitive PvE environment.

    We are located on Wolfsbane USA Servers, no need to worry about faction as guilds are cross faction.

    We are now doing an app process. You can fill out an application HERE. We will remove the requirement needed for the application as the guild goes along, but as recent inquiries have shown that some interest is not actually reading the thread from start to finish. If you intend to be in a progression guild, but can't read a simple thread from start to finish, we can't expect you to play to your best.
    Although our raid times are not confirmed we are aiming at

    Raid Times: 4-7pm PST(We are considering moving these times to later in the night, as many are leaving WoW or many just need a more evening type of time. I am willing to move these times to a later time in the evening if we get enough dedicated & active members at 60 willing to raid on these days. Nothing has been changed officially though)
    Raid Days: Mon-Thurs

    Our aim to start raiding is by July 22nd, 2013. By then we hope to have the most of our intended core members 60 & ready to raid. By then we'll have a dedicated 10m core & be full-time recruiting for 20 man's. We may add an extra hour on each day, but we're still considering it depending how fast content goes down. We want to progress fast, but we don't need to complete the entire raid in its first week of being out.

    Current Recruitment Needs:

    ~ Tank(HIGH)
    ~ Dps(MED)


    ~ Tank (HIGH)
    ~ Heal (MED)
    ~ Dps (HIGH)

    ~ Tank (HIGH)
    ~ Dps (HIGH)
    ~ Supp (HIGH)

    ~ Heal (HIGH)
    ~ Dps (HIGH)
    ~ Supp (HIGH)

    Bulk/Story of Us:

    We come from a community of past friends who played & some still play WoW. Some of us have grow bored of the game itself, some due to the dire dislike of it, some just due to wanting to find something fresh & new. We are a skilled bunch of players, some of us downed alot of hard/heroic modes recently and in the past. We're looking to hopefully find some like-minded players new or veteran in rift.

    We do not have any current raid progression as many of us are still leveling up but we intend to start raids asap with probably aiming towards mid-late july at this rate. We are willing to help anyone in the guild given they are respectful & promote a positive & good atmosphere for us to enjoy. With the mentoring system many of the higher level members could mentor down & do IA's, PvP, or dungeon run with you.

    We intend to maintain a 3-4 night raid schedule with about 9-15 hours a week during progression. When a cleared raid is on farm & has been for a couple weeks at most, we'll be doing those on off nights (For example when TDQ is downed 4/4 we'll be doing that on off-nights to save progression nights for FT/EE). At the moment we're aiming towards early evening-mid evening raid times (4pm - 7pm PST) on Mon-Thurs. These days are subject to change as well as the times.

    We aren't pro's at this game, but we are somewhat experienced in classes & builds, but what we don't know we are willing to guide you in the right direction to help you with.

    Loot Dicussion

    Now I don't like to talk about loot alot in recruitment threads, but I feel its important to state something so nobody has hurt feelings because they were unaware of how we will handle it. If you are interesting in end-game raiding only for the loot whether it be the shiny status, the stat bonuses, or the overall feel of obtaining it. This is the wrong guild for you. We are here to down bosses & compete with other top PvE guilds among the game as a whole. Yes loot serves its purpose. Depending on where we are at, depending on how we are stuck, we will distribute it different. We have not decided our current loot system, but we will have a decision made about a week before raiding begins. Being that this is, we may choose to distribute loot in 2 generic ways.

    1) As said if we are stuck on encounter because of tank damage. We may just forward all possible upgrades to healers/tanks, no matter the need. If we are stuck on encounter because of dps, we will forward all possible upgrades to DPS no matter the need for other roles. Unfortunately we'd hope it not come to this case, but in order to stay competitive sacrifices must be made somewhere.

    2) Just basic who needs who gets, who participates more, who participates less. This will probably be what we use about 60% of the time I'd say, because of how often we may people switch roles & switch soul builds this may not be the most generic idea, but we will do our best to keep it fair when we can. Again, if we hit walls this will probably not be the system we use.

    The Basic Reqs.

    ~ You must be able to maintain a 90% raid attendance. We don't usually have subs in progression raids, but if somebody in your family is dying, your wife is giving birth, or your child just choked on a marble. We understand. There are these once in awhile occurences. If they become a habit, you will be replaced. In a given Three (3) week period, if you miss more than 2 raid days, your core spot will be up for grabs & we will start replacing you. We do this to keep our core tight & keep progression going. We don't do this to be jerks, but you have 19 other people relying on the other 19 being there. If one person doesn't show, it could cost the raid a boss of progression

    ~ You must be familiar with all popular builds for each soul in your main class. For example, we don't require all warriors to play void knight/reaver/paladin on a regular basis, but we do require you are familiar with them so if we are missing one ours or we come across an encounter where they are strong at, you can jump into it.

    ~ You are able to take positive constructive criticism. We will always try to give positive over negative criticism. Although if we've hinting at something about your build, or that your missing a crucial ability and still haven't taken it, you will get the messier side of the stick.

    ~ You are able to follow class leader objectives in & out of raids. Our class leaders (although we will have none decided until we push into 20m recruitment) will be your main go to for what build you will be required to bring the next day/week of progression. If one paticular build for crucia performs better than the others, your class leader will let you know. They are responsible for theorycrafting, "building" their players of that class and overall overseeing to make sure their paticular classes in that raid are doing their job & doing it well.

    So what does Infinity offer for veteran rift players who were playing before f2p or started again after?

    As mentioned before we are a skilled group of players who want to see end-game raid content down before the next tier is released. Even hard modes is our goal. We always take pride in completing content & downing a really hard boss. We love the feeling of "Wow that took us a couple weeks to down and we finally have it." Its a great feeling. If your just not finding the right guild for you. Perhaps all the current hardcore guilds are just not willing to give you a chance then look no further. As a new guild we are willing to give anyone the chance as long as they're willing to put the same amount of effort we give you.

    So, if your looking for a guild that aims to be high end as well as a laid back atmosphere outside of raids, or are just new to rift but want to break into the raiding atmosphere we may be the perfect guild for you. We don't expect to carry you & we expect you to feel the same. We all mean to pull our own weight and we intend to. We are also a very nice bunch. We do our share of crude humor now & then. We're still learning this game just as much as returning players or F2P, but we are very quick learners & avid MMO players. We're not much of "voice" chatters during downtime, but we try to keep guild chat lively with some jokes & discussion.

    Again a reminder, we are on Wolfsbane USA Servers, faction does not matter as guilds are cross faction.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Luisda (GM/Myself) or Notacop (Senior Officer). We'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions about the guild.

    Current Progression

    TDQ: 0/4

    FT: 0/5

    EE: 0/5

    GA: 0/4
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    Reforming Multi Gaming Community - Recruiting Community Officers


    About Deus Gaming:

    Deus Gaming is a newer gaming community founded by a group of friends that span over many online games. We are primarily an 18+ community with mature players.

    We are looking to fill several Community Officer positions. The community’s primary games of focus at this present time are League of Legends / Wildstar / Elder Scrolls Online / Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter / Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. If you are interested visit our website or contact me through my email [email protected] or on the website.

    Veteran Game Admin:

    1. Oversee and coordinate with the Section Leaders.
    2. Serves as a role model for all Section Leaders.
    3. Work closely with Community Managers to make decisions that affect all the games within the community as a whole.
    4. Work closely with the Section Leaders to oversee all activities and to ensure that all members are playing in a
      professional manner that represents Deus Gaming.
    5. Maintain constant communication with all the Section Leaders and holding weekly meetings to communicate the
      directions of the Community.
    6. Create or approve new gaming section (which also includes find Section Leaders)
    7. Moderating community game sections on the website, which means upholding the forum rules and regulations by giving
      infractions or banning offending members.
    8. Display sound judgement and decision making in all aspects.
    9. Evaluate Section Leaders overall performance for promotion or demotion.

    Recruitment Officer:

    1. Must be active daily on the recruitment and introduction forums.
    2. Must be active regularly on teamspeak and interacts with and observes potential new members.
    3. Answers any questions applicants might have.
    4. Evaluates, interviews and approves new community members.

    Designs Officer:

    1. Responsible for helping make decisions about the website.
    2. Generate graphics in support of the website. Backgrounds, banners, logos, signatures, social media, etc.
    3. Communicate with leadership team for special projects.

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    Guild Name: Rift Shifters
    Server Name: Zaviel
    Guardian/Defiant : Both
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE

    Guild description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    Ελληνικό Guild με full Perks, Το κλίμα είναι φιλικό και αυτό θέλουμε να διατηρηθεί καθώς προχωρούμε στο game content.

    Το Guild progress μέχρι στιγμής έχει ώς εξής :

    FTDQ : clear
    FT : 2/4
    EE : starting

    Ti ψάχνουμε?

    Έλληνες όριμους/ active gamers που ενδιαφέρονται να προχωρίσουν στο end game σταδιακά, ανεξαρτήτως lvl.

    Oi raiding days είναι


    Και ώρες 21.30 - 00.00

    θα χαρούμε να σας δούμε στην παρέα μας

    Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ingame wisper:


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    Exclamation Pandion Knights - Gelidra EU

    Guild Name: Pandion Knights
    Server Name: Gelidra EU - PVE
    Website URL: (If applicable): pandionknights dot co dot uk
    Guardian/Defiant (It will still apply for PVP servers): Guardian and Defiant (PVE)
    Time Zone (US East, US West, EU): EU
    Server type (PvP, PvE, RP): PVE
    Guild description of who you are and what you are looking for:

    <Pandion Knights> are a guild belonging to the larger multi gaming community of the same name and we are looking to give a home to new, old and returning players in Rift. We have been around since Rift launch in 2011 and in general around more than 10 years across many other games. We have our own teamspeak and game servers within the community as well as annual events such as the infamous PK BBQs in the UK. The community spans many european countries as well as international boundaries being home to many friendly and quirky individuals all of whom are backed up by a well established and friendly administrator network. So no worries on encountering dictator GMs and the usual troubles.

    We are a guild and community based around working together, having fun etc all in a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere. We place emphasis on fun and relaxation rather than any hardcore aspirations game wise. We are well suited to students, families, parents, workers and generally anyone who lives in the real world.

    If you want world ranked progression, strict raiding environments and rigid guild systems we are not for you.

    In game we work together to have fun doing dungeons, mentoring, rifts and just generally enjoying the game. Guildies are friendly and always willing to help with advice, answering questions or just helping you smack a few monsters and run a few rifts or dungeons. We do raid as part of an alliance though at present due the large influx of players we are more focused on recruiting social players.

    If you wish to join us you can contact the following players in game:

    but you can also ask any player who can point you to one of our seniors for an invite or go via the LFG system (we ask if you go via LFG that you send more than just "invite me" or "can i join").

    We have in place at present a minimum level 15 requirement but that is all. As stated we are currently only recruiting social players as we cannot guarantee raid slots due to numbers.

    Current Raid Progress: 4/4 FT 3/5 FT, GA and TOTDQ

    Come on you know you want to try us!

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    [polish language]

    Nowa polska gildia <HUSARIA> zaprasza w swe szeregi!
    Gramy na serwerze Bloodiron po stronie Defiant. Jestesmy nastawieni glownie na PvP ale znajdziesz u nas takze wielu milosnikow PvE. Jezeli beda chetni stworzymy takze grupe rajdowa.
    Obecnie dobijamy levele i zaczynamy sie ubierac. Dolacz do nas juz dzis!

    Kontakt: Efectina, Irruniatus lub Guild Finder (SHIFT+G)

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    Twisted Mercenaries @ Hailol

    Guild Name: Twisted Mercenaries
    Server Name: Hailol
    Website URL:
    Guardian/Defiant: Both Factions
    Time Zone: -6 CST, All are Welcome
    Server type: PVE
    Raid Status: TDQ/IDH During Week, GA and Other 20mans on Weekends
    Guild description: Twisted Mercenaries is the home for friendly, mature, and active players.
    We strive to be an active, casual and friendly community.
    Many of us are adults with families and responsibilities.
    We play to have fun, relax, and meet others.
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    Looking for Guild for next expansion

    Hey all. I've been a casual rift player for awhile now, been playing on and off since release. Lately, I've wanted to try my hand at getting deeper into the endgame and I figured now is a good time with the expansion looming on the horizon.

    So I'm looking for a nice raiding guild to join! While I know Defiants best, I don't mind rolling and leveling a Guardian. Server is also not important; Since I've been casual, most of the people I play with come and go, so I haven't seen most in a few months.

    I'm debating between playing a Mage or a Rogue - I love DPSing and Healing on my Mage, and I'm a big fan of Supporting on Rogues. I used to tank on a Warrior as well, but I haven't for awhile so I'd prefer to stick to DPS/Heal/Support.

    Feel free to pm me here or leave a comment on this thread. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleugen View Post
    Hey all. I've been a casual rift player for awhile now, been playing on and off since release. Lately, I've wanted to try my hand at getting deeper into the endgame and I figured now is a good time with the expansion looming on the horizon.

    So I'm looking for a nice raiding guild to join! While I know Defiants best, I don't mind rolling and leveling a Guardian. Server is also not important; Since I've been casual, most of the people I play with come and go, so I haven't seen most in a few months.

    I'm debating between playing a Mage or a Rogue - I love DPSing and Healing on my Mage, and I'm a big fan of Supporting on Rogues. I used to tank on a Warrior as well, but I haven't for awhile so I'd prefer to stick to DPS/Heal/Support.

    Feel free to pm me here or leave a comment on this thread. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Just to let you know, you would not need to roll a Guardian to play with Defiants unless you are on the PvP server. Can talk to, group with and be in guild with opposite faction.

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    <Mirage> is currently recruiting for T1 progression and future T2! (EST)

    About Us:
    Mirage is a PvE focused raiding guild on Deepwood that is currently recruiting more solid players to strengthen our 20 man roster.

    Mirage is only 6 weeks old from when this recruitment post was made, it started with two former U.S 30 WoW players who wanted to raid more challenging content. Powpowpowpow and myself (Santo) came back to RIFT and never looked back, we both have high-end raiding experience in RIFT vanilla and Storm Legion as well. So far we are hitting the ground running and only on our fourth week of raiding at the time of this recruitment post. Mirage is building a solid atmosphere for end-game raiding, we have a guild website, our own Mumble server and growing very rapidly.

    Nightmare Tide Tier 1:
    4/4 Rhen of Fate (2 groups)
    4/5 Mount Sharax
    1/3 Tyrants Forge

    Currently Working On:
    Murdantix in Hammerknell 20% (75% of raid NOT having 1200 Hit)

    Loot System:
    Our loot system is a standard loot council, the 5 officers collectively are very knowledgeable of what calling needs what stat and how the raid will be affected if someone gets a piece of a gear over someone else. Our loot system is to ensure every piece of gear we acquire from a boss kill helps the raid exponentially.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday 7:30-11:00PM*
    OPTIONAL: 10 man raid days Monday / Wednesday 7:30-11:00PM*
    *All raid times are East Coast USA

    Current Class Needs:
    Healing Cleric: High
    DPS Cleric: High
    Tank Cleric: Low
    Support Cleric: Medium
    Healing Warrior: High
    DPS Warrior: Low
    Tank Warrior: Low
    Support Warrior: High
    Healing Rogue: Medium
    DPS Rogue: Medium
    Tank Rogue: Low
    Support Rogue: High
    Healing Mage: High
    DPS Mage: High
    Tank Mage: Low
    Support Mage: Low

    [email protected] - GM / Raid Leader / Recruiter
    [email protected] - GM / Raid Leader
    [email protected] - Healing Officer
    [email protected] - Banker
    [email protected] - Officer

    If any of the above sounds like it would be a good fit for you please do the following:
    Fill out an application at Mirage Application.
    You also can watch our streams: GM Arbiter Tank PoV / Healing Officer Rogue PoV
    We're looking forward to hear from some of you and to push content as fast and solid as possible, come be apart of the Mirage!

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    I am a on and off player with rift, looking for a fresh start with someone, since playing solo is boring. Dont really care which server. Anyone interested?

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