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I'd go with WF/FB, you can - though - have a third weapon in your inventory with rockbiter enchanted, to weapon swap, when you are getting focused hard.

On the hit stuff: We only need 3% melee hit and (maybe) 6% expertise (well i just dont want to get my Stormblasts getting dodged/parried).

Also I think, as far as gemming goes, pvp-power > agi > pvp-resil > mastery > haste > crit.
Reforging: Hit > Exp (both until caps) > mastery > haste > crit

As for now, i think pvp-power is a better dps increase than agility (dont know if it will be the way to go, since we lose crit and dodge, when not gemming straight for agi).

Further testing has to be done, i guess.
You are correct on the WF/FB because of the 4-set Dreadful bonus now giving 40% LL increased damage. The rockbiter enhanced weapon swap is a VERY good idea and I'm using it in arena quite successfully.

Actually, the gemming goes (agi > pvp-power >= mastery >= haste > crit >=pvp-resil)
Unless you aren't happy with your survivability, then put more emphasis on the pvp-resil until you're satisfied.
Generally, I go with the +80 agi +160 pvp-power gems instead of straight +160 agi for red. Unless it's a prismatic socket (belt), then I'll go +160 agi.

Reforging is [Hit (til cap) >= Expertise (6%) > mastery >= haste > crit] because expertise and hit BOTH give spell hit now.
With this in mind, crit isn't awful because flurry is nice to have at a high uptime, but it is still the secondary reforge stat. If you want to make crit a higher priority for sustained damage, pair it with haste as this will increase your sustained damage whereas mastery will increase your Ascendance and CD damage.

Remember, there is NO cookie-cutter for Enhancement anymore. Secondary stats all depend on your playstyle! Just remember to make adjustments to talents and glyphs accordingly and you should be fine.