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    How much focus should I put on PvP Power (Gems)

    When it comes to gemming I was curious if I should continue to focus on int gems for my mage or maybe throw in some PvP power gems? I don't fully understand how much a difference PvP power makes yet.

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    i've heard some people say keep pvp power and your primary stat at about a 50/50 ratio when gemming. again this i just from what i've heard. i have no formulas or equations to back this up.
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    Last time i checked, the pvp power gems were blue so they don't even share the same sockets (int are red). Not much of a choice. (It may be a bit more complicated if there's a purple gem with both stats...)
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    I would just stick with whatever you have for right now, Mists will be out soon and it just isn't worth it to regem for such a relatively short window IMO. Regarding gemming at level 90 it will vary from class to class as every class scales differently with their primary stat, but I would bet on PVP Power being better for most people.
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