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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranberries View Post
    okay so is this an guide

    > set order of item for 5000
    Honestly, the quoted lines can't be intended. I wonder if such things still work, since the AH seems up and running after todays patch. I'd like to get more information on this, I think the system should auto-buy stuff if you order it. Maybe it's because there weren't that many available wood logs because the Auction house didn't work for most of us.

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    We already saw what is a mess, in the market

    What the OP is trying to explain, is not an exploit. It's just use dumbs to cash out. Don't be surprised when people will type on /Map
    "The price is 10s per stack of wood. TP has this price. TP decide the price" (not the people, or a group of powerseller, nah XD , TP is the government and decide hahahah)

    Now, if you understand what kind of dumbs play, go figure how easy can be use this trick.
    Sadly, this trick "should" have a short life. Because time by time the market should be stable. WoW AH passed the same kind of tricks and powerselling. To make it work on the long run even after months, needs a very large number of dishonest guys, who organize it.
    Basically, it's decide what the price of something must be. Well, what we can hope, is to have a majority of players who don't want to pay 10s for a damned stack of wood, selling and buying wood for a more realistic price of 1s per stack ( or less). This is the only way, even with the attempt of a powerseller, to make things works. A suggestion is observe the wave of price during the week. If you see an improvvise unjustified grow, or a fall down, you can easily imagine what happened. A powerseller trying to destroy the market. So, if you want a normal market, just put again your stuff for the price before the anomaly.

    Shortly, all depends on the amount of honest people who want to play and use AH as part of the game, not a scammer area.

    Ok, lol, i guess i will wait months before sell valuable stuff

    (Just so you know, this trick works on real life market too)
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    got fixed.


    oh well, at least i made a killing off of this

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