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    (A) Ancient Hysteria - Hellscream - US

    Ancient Hysteria (A), 1/13H (25 man). Level 25 Guild

    TL;DR: Looking for a mage; and any strong heals/dps: ->>>heavily dependant on gear and experience.

    As we continue raiding this tier we also continue our search for more people to share in our adventure! Below you will find all you need to know about our guild (and perhaps a little more).

    Raid Times (server time)
    Tuesday 7:00 - 11:00 pm
    Thursday 7:00 - 11:00 pm
    Friday/Monday 7:00 - ??pm - ALT raid days and 10 man cleanup usually 2-3 hours.
    Sunday 7:00 - 11:00 pm (This day is usually clean up /alt runs during non-progression.)

    About Us

    We are a group of semi-hardcore raiders who enjoy a good time while we raid. We have been raiding since Molten Core and we enjoy being near the top of progression on our realm. We have a no drama policy to keep the chat and every day fun adult oriented. AH offers many exactly what they are looking for – not just a top raiding guild on Hellscream-US – but a home. We finished out tier 14 4/6H, 2/6H, 4/4; tier 13 8/8h, tier 12 6/7H all in 25 man mode and tier 11 6/13H mixed.

    What we need

    We are looking for individuals who wish to become part of a team and a family who have a passion to down bosses and have a good time doing so. We are looking for people who are willing to not just show up to a raid – but for those who know how to look up fights in their dungeon journals, web resources, etc and get basic ideas of what is going on. Perhaps even watch a YouTube video or two from Beta/PTRs/guilds better than us.

    With that in mind, we expect total preparation. AH will supply flasks, feasts, and enchants that members deposit into the guild bank. We also supply repair money for those of our raiding rank once you have met the pre-requisites. We need 100% attendance for Mists and we expect our raiding rank to maintain at least an 85% attendance record.

    For those who attend more than 93.5% of raids, everything will be paid for – your gems, your enchants, new BoE gear, repairs, flasks, foods, your ladies of the evening, etc. This is a pretty high bar, and it’s a benefit that only comes after you have raided and show commitment to our guild; but this type of raider deserves it!

    If you are one of those individuals who do not believe in addons like DBM, we are not for you. If you believe you are a special snowflake sent from god himself, we are not for you (linking recount without being asked for is included here). If you can’t run out of fire because fire is bad – we are not for you.


    We (usually) run several alt runs for the current tier and runs that are pure fun (old content). Plus we do heroic dungeons, do dailies with each other, PVP on occasion (as we have our very own achievement junkies), and pet battles! You are always welcome to any of these activities – but we expect people to voice their interest.

    Recruitment Status

    Open specs/classes:

    All caster (prefer mage) classes are open for recruitment at this time. Thank you.

    You can apply if your class is closed, we are always looking for skilled players. You can apply at our main site, and follow the Application link at the top of the page.

    If you have any questions about my ridiculously long recruitment post please whisper me (Battletag: Toddless#1618), post a comment here, in-game mail, or post on our website in the Public Playground under our Forums section (and fill out an app when you're there!).

    Other contacts:
    Zeleniz (Raid Leader)
    Giygus (Giygus#1815)

    Thanks and see you in Azeroth!
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