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    Can't create a character.

    When I try to name my character and click next it just forces me to wait like 15 seconds then an error comes up and says "unable to access login server.. bla bla" something about firewall and then error code 42:5:13:210:101.

    I googled and found that a lot of people had this problem, then I checked this forum and saw 0 posts about it. And then I checked those other searches I found and they are all at least half a week or week old. So thought this might just be me? My friend is having the same problem though.. He is at home, not using the same internet.

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    Those of you receiving an error at character creation, we're aware of it and working on it. Thanks for letting us know! ~RB2

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    i was about to make a thread! im sure its bugged, ive been trying all night to create one!
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    hope its fixed soon!
    i deleted a char to save it on another account
    it'd be a shame for my name to be taken at some point when it does start working and i didnt realise ;<

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    Still having this issue as well ~

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    That happens to me also sometimes, a restart usually fixes it for me.

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