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    What to do on the PC when you're bored?

    So this is the last day of summer till I go back to school tomorrow and I'm bored out of my mind right now. I can't download anything because we have a retarded bandwidth limit here(14 gigs) that we blow through. So that means Youtube is off the list.


    Edit: Also a good hobby to pick up would be cool too. Working on programming but I've worked on that long enough today. I can only do so much before it goes in one ear and out the other.
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    I like to open a word document and tell myself I'm going to write a story. Then I stare at that word document and end up doing nothing.
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    porn while i fap

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    I've always been fond of Minesweeper, but since DS hit I've been playing it over and over, inbetween breaks when we're waiting for buffs etc, I can manage 1-2 games.

    Since DS I've played 10k Minesweeper games on Expert with 1% win chance, and fastest clear on 93 seconds ^_^

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    I visit these forums or I play this:
    or other browser games.

    Or I take a map of the world and start erasing the countries I don't like making it look like some mass tide swept over them, leaving parts that I like that I then unify with their neighbours I like.

    Or I draw, write or paint. Or I work on this miniature boat I've been making.

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    When I'm super bored at work I'll usually just browse Wikipedia for interesting things.

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    I baught a guitar to learn when i was bored, you shoul d be able to pick up a cheapish 2nd hand one somewhere if you dont want to spend alot of money.

    also if your learning programming, theres a correlation between music and programming (well occording to my old computer science prof who played guitar, but he was also a train spotter so who knows) small town = country side? then bird watching, out door skills like camping, fires, wilderness survival, walking/jogging, join a local sports club, even if your rubbish most guys respect the fact you want to learn, my friend does sit ups and weight training in his living room.

    there like 6 sugestions
    do you have a local libary they oftern have groups with peopel with similar intrests, or a church, get some spirituality (I belonged to a C of E group when i was younger some good people there)
    personnaly i play wow or read if its too late to destroy a song on my guitar

    EDIT - cant spell
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    I usually play browser games

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    Check facebook, check a couple of forums on MMO-C, if I'm REALLY bored I sometimes venture out of fun stuff and Gen OT too. Actually watch some videos that pile up in my subscription box on youtube. Play a game, LoL or WoW usually though was on MC for a bit.

    And browse IMGUR for funny pictures.

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    I watch movies and TV-series I've acquired. I've got like 300 unwatched episodes of things left until it's time to refill.

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    Tumblr, quick facebook check, youtube check, yellow press news (shit like dailymail, fox or equilevant in your country), mmo-champ, 4chan

    Without games there aint much to do because only few of those listed update stuff fast enough
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    YT,porn,gaming forums(MMO champ included),blogs, 9gag

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    This. That's a WC from a few months back though, I divided the document into chapters so I don't have everything in the same place. And I'm working on the second one at the moment.

    And it makes me happy. It's like Minecraft with words.
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    Check Facebook, Twitter, play MC, browse Reddit, and stare at my screen blankly while listening to music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    yellow press news (shit like dailymail, fox or equilevant in your country)
    Do you view them to find something interesting and believe what they say or simply just for the laughs when they add something absurd? Fox News is one of the worst places to get your ''news'' at.

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    Watch TV shows/chat with people while listening to music. But that's pretty much all I do at the computer nowadays :c

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    typically, I hit Hulu and watch some old show I remember from when I was a kid.

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    Browse YouTube, MMO-Champion. It's pretty boring for me cause I usually have no games to play (or have played them so much they become boring after a while).

    I ordered a WoW card and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PS3) which will be coming sometime this week though.

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    I thought the 125GB cap I had was insane. I hope you don't have to share that connection with someone.

    Lots of reading pretty much, since BOINC is running most of the time.
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