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    When I'm bored or simply have nothing to do other than being on my laptop, I check mmo-champ quite regularly for threads all over the place, I go over 9gag a bit to see if there's any funny posts lol, I check facebook, [email protected] (LoL), imgur, and I lurk a bit at the LoL forums :b

    You could always watch a movie you have somewhere, and btw don't start playing a game that takes to long to finish, like KOTOR, otherwise you'll be hooked and you won't be able to stop to play it, then it'll screw you up at night if you can't control yourself :P
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    When i get a new computer im going to get photoshop and have a play around with that. Would love to learn how to make awesome looking wallpapers for games/anime etc.

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    Spamming refresh or playing something on singleplayer

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    getting a coffee
    theres lots to do online. you just have to know where to look.

    try searching youtube for weird stuff or learning stuff off wikipedia. lols
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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    I watch movies and TV-series I've acquired. I've got like 300 unwatched episodes of things left until it's time to refill.
    This also, I've got quite an extensive library of movies/tv shows/anime that I just clunk into a video player and put it in random and just watch whatever. As it stands I've got about 20 odd anime series to watch right now that I havent gotten around to lol.
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    TV shows, Facebook, 9gag, Youtube, MMO-Champion forums, browsing, browse internet stores for stuff I want. When I'm not using it, my gf is, and I'm staring into a wall for half an hour or so...

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    Naruto - How i met your mom - Familyguy - Southpark - Youtube - Facebook - MMO-champ - 9gag - myfreepaysite - Radio - News - forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by H3llion View Post
    Do you view them to find something interesting and believe what they say or simply just for the laughs when they add something absurd? Fox News is one of the worst places to get your ''news'' at.
    I go there to laugh, not to get news. Of course I dont believe what they say
    I guess its little "i seriously hope people dont believe this" and "the downfall of news"(Celebrity unfollowed another on twitter? Huge news ).
    Its like reading cosmopolitan for those stupid, absurd, over-the-top advices.. for humor purposes, you know?

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    When i'm bored i usually visit youtube, flash games, 4chan, random searches on search engines, reading news, wikipedia and lurking on forum sites such as mmo-champion and myanimelist. Then i also visit sites that links to viral videos, funny pictures and similar stuffs.

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    I usually watch movies/series or play some browser games.

    Othen than that, you can start some kind of hobby, depending on what you like to do.. You could try drawing, for instance. Don't need to have the talent for it. Just try sketching something or try to copy a picture or an object, while adding your own twist to it,be creative! Like reading? Get yourself some quality material to read! Want to pick up a music instrument? Try a guitar or an ocarina! You can also spend your time exercising. There's a ton of things you can do!

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    If your into strategy games play a game called "afterwind" Type it into google. Very fun Requires internet though
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    I go to YouTube, look for music, and take a trip through the "related videos" to see where I end up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    "Perfect pecs"
    Men's Health?

    Pretty sure Bieber is about as far as you can get from an actual man and still have the equipment. Then again, until there is a "leaked" sex tape, I'm still maintaining that he's built like a Ken doll.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mardhyn View Post
    Now this is just blatant trolling, at least before you had the credibility of maybe being stupid.
    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Sometimes you gotta stop sniffing used schoolgirl panties and start being a fucking samurai.

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