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    Best char for roaming in WvWvW?

    Be aware: This is not a "which is the most powerfull class"-Thread.

    I pretty much enjoy GW2, got a thief to 80 and just love putting my two daggers into some squishy cloth-wearer. But for the time most of my compadres are still leveling i would like to join them with a second char to see some other mechanics.

    Since i do not really enjoy 50 vs. 50 fights (especially not in the open field, but this may also be an issue of playing my thief melee most of the time..) i love to just roam, take some points solo or in small groups, i would really like to keep that up with my new char.

    What i am looking for:

    decent 1vs1 class/specc (don't think any class is filtered by this ..)
    i would enjoy run-fast-mechanic (may be a most-time-up-buff or just a passive)
    decent flee-mechanic (for running from zergs)
    decent solo capability (at least enough for veteran-guarded-flags)
    i really enjoy classes with a high/higher skillcap (eg Mr "hope-he-doesn't-remove-my-throw-down" greatsword warrior really doesn't feel right for me)

    I think there are several classes that are "ok" for what i am looking, that's why i would really appreciate some field reports, from reading the class-threads i am thinking of a tanky-build-necro or a stun-throwdown-nuke-engineer.

    Thanks in advance
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    Well you dont have to play a busty warrior. I'm runing with this build in WvW

    In particular the banner has a 15s cd 10s duration swiftness on it, it lasts a bit longer due to the points in disciplin. also when paired with signet of rage you can run swiftness constantly with only the ocasional stop to resummon the banner, cd is just a bit longer than the duration on that. Trait/skill wise its mostly a support build that focuses on condition damage and outlasting the opponant. I regen alot of health fairly quickly between the passive of healing signet, the regeneration provided by the banner and regeneration food. Fairly durable but dont expect to win a DPS race standing toe to toe with a bursty build. Move around and dont let them land their big burst if at all possible. It does work splendly for takeing down the guards it just takes a while. if on a keep wall I'll replace bola's with another banner to spread the regen love.

    Zergs very rarely catch me unless they can pin me down with CC thanks to the near perma swiftness and the high regen. normaly I'm geting plinked from range as they try to slow me down but I slowly creap out of max range and then just haul off once combat drops.
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