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    Ragefire Chasm

    Is everyone liking this better than the older version?
    Loot is a little better to, along with a wider variety of loot items there.

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    I love the fact that its a possible ''hint'' to whats to come :P

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    Still yet to do it but from what i've seen and heard it's a great improvement that's for sure especially with the possible story to continue on with later.

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    new rfc is epic win.. its good for the alliance too. i like the new changed dungeons. lots of quests.

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    It's a good change and somewhat more interesting, just ran it myself.
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    I like it, the SM changes are good aswell, havent seen scholo yet.

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    new scholo is good, much more streamlined

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    Haven't done new RFC but have done Scholo/SM. The gear is nice for leveling characters and the re-designs are fantastic. Loving the new high-res texture work.

    There's also a few items (mostly helms) that only share models with MoP gear, so if you're looking for some fresh transmogs these are the places to go.

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