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    This is just amazing

    "I'm bored, there is nothing to do in this game!"
    "Hey, who is this ragnaros guy? He has a guaranteed mount drop, why would you take that away now?!"

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    That fan art is

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    The mana thing is just wrong. I'm running OOM after just ONE black phase on H Zonozz after a 35% nerf? Are you fucking kidding me?

    And it's not balanced at 90 either. All the beta forums are screaming for more mana.
    They should have just left it the way it was. It was fine.
    Stack spirit until mana wasn't an issue unless you or your raid was being stupid, then stack fun stats like Mastery or Haste.

    Fucking Blizzard. Always changing shit that doesn't need to be changed just because THEY think it should be.

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    You're right, they always change shit .... and then you always get used to it.... and then the next time they change shit it's the end of the world all over again.

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    Message to Blizzard: Please upgrade the graphics of the game to those of the fan art in this post.

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    The water effect in that lakeshire pic almost looks real also that pic of brill looks so fantastic i hope the wow movie will look like that

    regarding the mount bug i called it yesterday that it was a bug and that people who got the mounts would keep them for all those who missed out then you should keep an eye out on the forums more often

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    Just imagine WoW with GFX like in these two fan arts...

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    They should at least remove the mount from people that obtained it this way,its not fair to other people that actually put some effort into getting it from hc. Even tho if its not an exploit and you didn't know its was not intended to be a 100% drop form regular rag,you should be able to do it proper way and get it from heroic rag anyway.

    Also,would like to know what will happen with some other bugs,like in icc where you cant use abomination on Professor Putricide or that oozes have 100% more hp etc etc.

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    That Redridge fan art is insanely good. Looks amazing.

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    The 3D fan art is incredible… Seeing good ol' Lakeshire looking that great almost makes me want to cry.

    Between the MoP trailer and that art, the only thing I can think is, "Why the hell isn't there a full-length CG Warcraft movie yet?!" Seriously, if it looked anything like this, it'd be the eye candy movie of the decade. Even if the story/direction/etc sucked it'd be incredible to just sit and stare at.

    Sidenote: In the Redridge art, look closely at the edge of the water... the charm the little girl on the docks gives you the quest to retrieve is there!
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    The mount bug was quite known for being only 5 days old lol. I would find it unfair that they'd ban anyone for this and they probably won't. But I consider it more unfair for the people who already have it ( through doing the boss, paying for it ) although I personally don't care, but well, The AQ gates bug was way worse than this and they even allowed em all to keep their mounts.

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    You'd think the people would be more proud of having the achievement for heroic rag pre-patch 4.3 or nerfs. not the mount.
    But eh. i don't understand hc raiders. lol

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    DAMN IT! why is it the good bugs always get fixed before i can do them...

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    This is some great fanart. Mad props for that.

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    Wow, those are some nice 3D renders. A++ to that modeler.

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    Fanart steals the show here. Very well done.

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    Those are some good looking fanarts, the undead and Redridge are amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missakins View Post
    Are the archaeology dailies already implemented? If so where?
    In Pandaria. And like most dailies they require level 90.

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    Mists of Pandaria Archaeology Preview
    Today we are taking a look at some of the changes made to Archaeology in Mists of Pandaria. You can find these changes and all of the longer lists that go with them in the menu on the right of the navbar.

    You are now able to survey up to six times per digsite. This change went live with Patch 5.0.4.
    There will be two new races to solve for, the Pandaren and the Mogu.
    You won't want to vendor the new artifacts, as they only sell for 1g. Instead, you use them to create a Restored Artifact.
    Restored Artifacts can be used to purchase crates that contain 5-9 fragments for the non Pandaria races, as well as two other items.
    Occasionally an Ancient Haunt will spawn after finding artifact fragments. They rarely drop a Mogu or Pandaren keystone and always drop ~7 fragments.
    There are some Archaeology daily quests now!
    You can find Pristine versions of artifacts and put them on display.
    Only problems I have with the new Archaeology system are (current beta build):
    1. MoP Rares (of which only 4 exist thus far and 2 are HC dungeon like Ilvl that you can equip at lv85) are waaaaaay easier to get than the Cataclysm Rares, which leads me to the next point;
    2. You only get 5-9 fragments from those boxes you can buy from Brann Bronzebeard. Nice and all, but to few fragments and the still terrible RNG from the Cataclysm rares is bad;
    3. You can only buy 1 crate of a race at a time (because they are "Unique"). So when I wan't to buy let's say 29 Tol'Vir fragment crates I have to open the vendor, buy the crate, close the vendor, open your bag, open the crate, get the fragments, Rince & Repeat 28 more times. They should remove unique and allow us to buy in stacks.

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    Holy crap that Lakeshire art is awesome, great work!
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