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    Quote Originally Posted by xsublymonalx View Post
    The mana thing is just wrong. I'm running OOM after just ONE black phase on H Zonozz after a 35% nerf? Are you fucking kidding me?

    And it's not balanced at 90 either. All the beta forums are screaming for more mana.
    They should have just left it the way it was. It was fine.
    Stack spirit until mana wasn't an issue unless you or your raid was being stupid, then stack fun stats like Mastery or Haste.

    Fucking Blizzard. Always changing shit that doesn't need to be changed just because THEY think it should be.
    Wait, what

    What class are you playing? I've had no issues with a Holy Paladin or Disc Priest on H:Zonozz. In fact, healing as Disc was easier than ever thanks to Spirit Shell.

    If you aren't doing more healing than you were doing pre-patch, you're doing something wrong
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    Wow, the Brill fanart is amazing! It captures the atmosphere of Tirisfal/Silverpine perfectly.

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    I love GC, hes straight forward.
    He don't take no shit from nobody!

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    Boohoo I'm too stupid to take the time to think about how the changes to my spec change the gameplay and I'm going oom! Boohoo! Blizzard must be full of bad people who eat children!

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    That fanart is fucking amazing!!

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    Was really hoping Blizzard would do a little more than that with Archaeology. I suppose we have enough content at the start of Mists, still slightly disappointed with Archaeology though.

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    Wow, if only the game actually looked like that second fan art. Lakeshire has never looked so good.

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    That Tirisfal images is amazing, imagine if the game had such graphics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagmoose View Post
    Hmm... I'm a bit disappointed that no epic BoA items are obtained through Arch this time. Unless maybe in patch 5.1 they'll add some. I love Archaeology anyway, so I'll get over it. :P
    They are Bind to Account, we just haven't added that label to WoWDB yet. Should be fixed soon!

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    dat brill, just amazin

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    We thought the only reasonable way to let rogue spec be a choice was to share the utility and the damage, and make the spec choice about the way you do damage.
    Might want to have a rethink about blade flurry then, it makes sure that combat is the only viable spec with more than one, but less than six targets to be hitting at once - which happens enough times to mean you have to keep a combat spec alive in your talents.

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    Right. Stop all work on MoP and go spend all your resources on making wows graphics as awesome as that fan art. I like the cartoony feel of wow but the immersion would be incredible to have graphics like that.

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    The Dark Lady is watching over Brill. Amazing.

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    OMG, the Redridge fanart is amazing!

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    Great fan art. I wish they'd have splash screens like that instead of just character portraits. (I.E the Redridge city one) You could have a picture for every zone, and just have it randomly choose a zone for eastern kingdom <-> kalimdor travel. Even make a toggle as to not confuse new players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazay View Post
    The AQ gates bug was way worse than this and they even allowed em all to keep their mounts.
    What was the AQ gates bug?

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    I wish Redridge looked like that! But I doubt WoW would run on most peoples computers then. :P

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    holy cow, best fan art ever. Even if blizzard can't use those kind of graphics in the engine, at least as loading screens.... please hire that guy/girl !

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    WowDB Profiler not working with Mac...

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    That Redridge Screenshot everyone's raving about is a notch up in quality compared to a Guild Wars 2 one on a powerful rig

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