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    Guild Wars 2 Survey

    Hello all,

    I see here a lot of Guild Wars 2 players, so I have one request. Specifically, I work on one individual project and I need your help.

    When You get some time please fill out a brief online survey. The survey is anonymous and the data will be used for the purpose of the seminar work. Survey area that includes worldwide.

    To fill out the survey you will need 1-2 minutes.

    Access the survey HERE.

    A similar survey will meet the players of competing MMO.

    Thank You in advance

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    According to survey I play GW 8 days a week. I'm the Timeless Nerd!
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from North Pole.

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    Im from New Zealand and I refuse to say im from Australia! :P

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    Filled it in, but please try to fix the grammar/spelling errors. The survey will look better due to it, and also more professional (I butchered that sentence, sorry!)

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    How did i hear about guild wars 2?
    Where is the option I played guild wars 1 ( not that i didn't but quite a lot of people here did
    you got a option for where i am from, but i need to calculate what i spend in us dollars?

    And so short after release quite a bit of people will go with 24/7 . Honestly the survey is incomplete i refuse to take part in it
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    Maybe its just me, but isnt this survey a little pointless? I mean the game is 1 week old. Asking how old somebody is and then asking how old you were when you bought it seems rather strange to me. And not all players get the game on the early start, the majority will probably have it a week or less....asking how many days a week you play on average is asking the people to extrapolate.

    I understand you probably sent an equal one with WoW, Rift,.... instead of GW2 too. But if you try to compare them GW2 is the perfect statistical outliner and you should get rid of it then. Plus you should have put that all in one survey. It makes evalutation a lot easier and you dont lose people playing mutliple games. Hardly anyone wants to take the same survey for each game he plays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KoffeKat View Post
    Im from New Zealand and I refuse to say im from Australia! :P
    Ahh, New Zealand. It's one of my favourite Australian states =)

    Nicer than NSW anyway.

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