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    "Combo" Passive Or Active?

    Combos are available when another player uses a particular ability. Some Combos can be done by self -I don't know which.

    My question: Is this something, as a player, I need to be looking for and if so how? Wait for one of my 1-5 keys to flip and press it really quickly? I never look down on my action bar.

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    What class and weapon sets do you use? I'm pretty sure some people will be able to help you with self-combos when they know that.

    I know that as a staff support elementalist I have 5 combo fields that I can keep down at a fairly rapid rate so there's a lot of opportunity there for party members to use finishers. It probably depends what content you're doing as well, if you're in an organised sPvP team or looking at doing explorable modes then I imagine the party will take a little bit of time to scope each other out beforehand, to find out what they can do to compliment each other.

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    For example of how this works, as a guardian I cast:
    Which leaves a Flame Combo Field

    I can then use
    Which uses Combo Finisher Leap

    When Leap Hits Fire, it creates a fire shield effect.

    It will just come down to understanding what certain fields look like, knowing what abilities you have that are finishers, etc

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    Well, most classes have finishers, and if you're fighting something you will probably notice a circle of misc effect on the ground, that is your signal to do your finisher :P

    Not really a complicated system.

    As a Warrior, I can shoot a fire patch on the ground with a Longbow and then fire anything through it to combo, or switch weapons and do any number of finishers.

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