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    Epic Fake Smithsonian ads make History come alive

    Two design artists came up with “Historically Hardcore” Ads a lovingly crafted series of ads for the Smithsonian that one-up the exploits of modern-day rockers and rappers with tales of historic figures, well, being hardcore

    The Ads are here: Link

    Interestingly the smithsonian hates them and says it ruins their brand reputation^^

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    Those are pretty great. I can see why the Smithsonian wouldn't like them though since they don't exactly fit with their image.

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    But why keep an image directed at people how already like going their? You need to get some new crowds in who wouldn´t consider a visit as a good opportunity to spend your past time. except in the UK where museums are free to visit

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    The smithsoanians are all free to visit also.

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    Still need people to go there.
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    Those definitely made me laugh

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    Image or no image, they should use those. Just call it "appealing to a new demographic".

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    lol....50 cent ain't got shit on Teddy Roosevelt!

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