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    Shadow Word Death

    The ability being slow to recognise that a mob is already at 20% health or less is doing my head in! I remember reading somewhere that you could 'force' the ability to become available at 20% by using a particular macro but I was using my phone at the time and didn't have chance to write it down. I'd be grateful if someone could paste it here.
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    In my years of playing I've noticed that most classes/specs with an Execute-range ability do have a slight bit of lab between the boss being in range and the skill becoming available to be used. It's not much, though, and at most, should only cause you to miss 1 GCD at most. If there is a macro to force it, it might be nice if I ever choose to get back into super serious, competitive progression raiding.
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    Found it here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post18217932

    You're right, you don't save much time but it can be annoying to be spamming that key only to see nothing happen. It's doubly annoying when the mob/player dies before the client updates to recognise that you could have used your Shadow Word Death. I guess it's more useful in PVP situations though perhaps most PVP priests will use the SWD glyph when that's available.

    Anyhow, here it is:

    /target [@player]

    Will log in and see if it works for me, and if I can incorporate it into my SWD macro.
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