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    Karma vendors at level 80

    Hi guys i tried asking in another thread but i couldn't get the information.

    So i am level 80 and have 42k karma, i've been looking at the karma vendors by the world bosses at level 80, i think there are 5 or 6 vendors but none of them seem to sell tier with full dps stats. I guess an example would be power/precision + crit/condition for a full dps item but they always have toughness/vitality etc.

    Is this just the way of things? they want you to have toughness etc for explore mode or am i missing other tier vendors with full dps stat items?

    Btw if anyone has a link to all the level 80 karma vendors that would be great since i can't find the information.


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    Well I wouldn't be surprised if there are no tier sets with full dps stats because trying to do explorer modes etc with out defense stats is kinda impossible

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    And where are karma weapon/jewelry vendors? :P

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