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    First "love" hug.

    When was the first time you hugged somebody because you liked them?
    Not family hugs.

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    Same answer as to the kiss, 16.

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    Love hugged? Mmm... I think I was 10 at the time. First kiss didn't come until like 12.
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    I can't even remember. Had to be when I was a widdle kid

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    Never T-T, not that i haven't hugged girls that I liked I just held back on my hugs and mane them comment on how lame my hugging was so that they wouldn't notice my feelings or feel awkward afterwards.

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    I think I did that to a girl I dated in the second grade, yeah, we dated for like 1 year and a half :b yes We were both 7-8 years at the time. LOL
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    Hm... Where the feelings were reciprocated, 16. First kiss came soon after. Then first sexual experiences...

    It was a long distance relationship and I went to stay with her for a week. It was a good week. :P

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    A hug because you like someone? I've given thousands of those, cant remember first one! Latest was probably my student's counselor. Don't think there are different levels of hugs, are there? I'd hug someone I loved in ze same way.

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    13, became my first gf then first kiss, first bj, first heart broken etc.

    Young love.
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