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    What's with all the butt hurt WoW fans?

    Ok, I needed somewhere to vent this. I mean no disrespect while posting this, this is my opinion.

    What the hell is up with all the butt hurt wow fans?

    Every time there is a new MMO, they seem to gather by the masses and spread their cancer like opinions all across the web to literally hinder the growth of these said companies. Every time there is a new MMO, it's "It won't be as good as wow." "nothing will ever beat my precious wow." "wow is great others are bad", etc.

    And like, they don't even give a valid reason, or facts to back up their opinions, it is just "NO! IF IT IS NOT WOW IT IS NOT RIGHT!"

    It's like racism almost it's so bad. Not liking someone because they are a different race the same way they don't like games if they aren't wow.

    I understand some of these kids have invested 8+ years of their time into characters. I get that, really I do. I have been an avid gamer since I was old enough to move. I played mario 1, 2, 3 Mega man 1-6 Zelda, TMNT, etc since I was old enough to hold a controller. I love gaming!

    What I don't love is always seeing these butt hurt WoW fans slam every game to come out other than Blizzard made titles. It's sad, to say the least. Not too many people in the world are as big of Blizzard fans as I am, or was. Let me explain, Blizzard isn't Blizzard anymore. WoW visionaries are dead. They are gone, bye bye, no more. That's why after WotLK WoW went to shit, becsause Craptivision has their greedy paws on the franchise now. You think MOP will be good? Lol. You are nothing to them, nothing but a number of pawns who's only existence is to pay 15/m like a bunch of idiot robots. That's it. You play the exact same content for almost a decade that gets worse over time, and bash every new intuitive MMO that comes out?

    Everyone bashed the crap out of tor, and believe it or not, a big part of tor's failing is all the butt hurt wow fans bashing it to everyone. I played WoW for a little over 2 years. I thought it was a decent experience. In my opinion, Tor was FAR better than WoW. In so many ways. Story, skills, questing, flashpoints, pvp, EVERYTHING to me was better. But all the wow fan boys bashed it to oblivion and now it is dying fast.

    Which brings me to my final point: GW2. This game is by far the best MMO I have ever even looked at. It is absolutely superb. Graphics are beautiful and vibrant, questing is fun and original, grinding doesn't feel so much like grinding, skill system is new and inventive, the list goes on and on and on.

    And two hours after the midnight release (3 day start) the D3 forums started filling up from butt hurt wow fans "GW2 will fail, here's why:" "An avid GW player tells you: GW2 sucks!", etc.

    Really? So you wow *s play a game for 10 minutes just to rip it a part and lie to make your precious wow seem better? WoW, though great and the respected king of MMOs (I'll be the first to admit) is not even one tenth of the game GW2 is. Sadly, the butt hurt wow fans will shred GW to shit until MOP comes out so they can go make fake reviews about it.

    One clown even said "Have fun with your GW2 kiddy wow version MMO."

    Kiddy? Seriously? So rangers, necromancers, mesmers, etc are "kiddy"

    But Pandas and Trolls are for adults? LOL! The thing that bugs me the most about these butt hurt wow fans is they are so naive and blind it is comical. One guy even said the graphics in GW2 sucked! But they like the 10 year old graphics of wow. Lol.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share that rant. I really am tired of WoW fans and honestly Blizzard as a whole. They are a sell out greedy corporation company now and all you butt lust WoW fans are suckers for giving them your money for the same regurgitated crap you've been shelling out cash for for the last 10 years. Enjoy your pandas kids.

    Myself I will be enjoying my NEW MMO that brings a fresh new feel to the genre, and I can't wait until MOP comes out so I don't have to listen to you butt hurt morons talk shit about everything other than wow.

    Enjoy bringing Bobby Kotick's dream of making the gaming industry into nothing but a cespool of opinionless retards throwing money at him a reality.

    TL;DR: WoW is dead, GW2 is awesome

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    Its not a "butt hurt" thing. Its actually a combination of several different mentalities combining to turn most MMORPG launches into giant flame fests.
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    People are entitled to their opinion, it really doesn't help GW2 fans look better if you rant about wow fans being butt hurt and going around calling them retards and saying "wow is dead" though. This is only going to result in an argument between WoW fans and GW2 fans so I'm just going to close this here.

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