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    So i did a stupid thing...

    After a recent spate of roughly 200 emails from arenanet saying someone has been trying to access my account I decided to change my password yesterday, sadly i cant actually remember what i changed it to as I was a little intoxicated when i changed it.....( stupid i know!) now their system for changing the password wont let me change it, is there anything i can do to get this fixed or am i kinda stuck without being able to play it until they bring their system back online? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Step 1: Make this macro

    #show Swipe (Bear)
    /cast Maul
    /cast Swipe (Bear)

    Step 2: Bind this macro to your L and O buttons

    Step 3: Run into any heroic and LOL your way to victory

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    Atm the password reset feature is disabled because of the recent hacker attempts, you are encouraged to file a ticket at the gw2 support for password resets.

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    Yup, you'll have to file a support ticket and wait unfortunately. I think they're getting to priority things on the same day now so fingers crossed it's not too long a wait for you.

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