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    Friends transfered to a Full Population...

    Currently it is not allowing me to transfer since it is full. Does this mean I am SOL, or would trying to switch during the server's off time actually work? Thank you!

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    I would wait until it isn't so full. My friend had to do this to get on our server. Just wait for the off hours and you'll find it not being full. Hopefully.

    After reading what I just typed, I really could have worded it better....oh well. You get it.

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    I'd try again later. My husband couldn't transfer to my server at first but then when he tried a few hours later it let him, so it may be based on active population at the time, not based on accounts registered to that server.

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    Thank you Bobakanushe, and Shamanic for the quick replys! I will be sure to try again later for sure!

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