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    If you could chose each spell of your class...

    What it would be? I played warrior and elementalist right now so..

    1: Chain Lighting (Staff - Air)
    2: Rock Barrier (Scepter - Earth)
    3: Burning Speed (Dagger - Fire)
    4: Ride the Lightning (Dagger - Air)
    5: Updraft (Dagger - Air)

    1: Hammer Swing (Hammer)
    2: Hundred Blades (Greatsword)
    3: Arcing Arrow (Longbow)
    4: Charge (Warhorne)
    5: Whirlwing Axe (Axe)

    I played thief very little but so far is

    2: Heartseeker
    3: Unload
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    1. Blinding Blade (Greatsword) - damage/pull nearby foes (max 5ish?)
    2. Banish (Hammer) - launches enemy
    3. Flashing Blade (1H Sword) - basically blink strike
    4. Shield of Wrath (focus) - aegis x 3, if not used, explodes!
    5. Whirling Wrath (greatsword) - aoe twirly twirl!

    Reading over the skills, I compeltely negated the idea of each weapon's third tier attack...I never knew what some of them did (I need to l2read...)

    As you can tell I mainly use greatsword. My other set is usually scepter/focus, but I change it up from time to time.

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    1) Box of Nails (nails that pierce even plate boots :P)
    2) Gear Shield (2 sec block)
    3) Magnetic Inversion (aoe knockback)
    4) Air Blast (frontal aoe knockback)
    5) Acid Bomb (leap backwards)

    And my <<F>> key for ressing :P
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    1) Shadow Refuge
    2) Thieves Guild
    3) Steal (w/ the trait that stealths me of course)

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    1. Sever Artery combo (sword, bleeds like mad)
    2. Hundred Blades (greatsword, obviously)
    3.Tremor (mace, aoe knockdown)
    4. Call to Arms (warhorn, free endurance + weaken enemies)
    5. Shield Stance (shield, no damage for 5s)
    F1: Flurry (sword, SO MUCH AOE BLEED, also immobilization)

    Set this up with a crit/bleed build and you're good to go! Just spam hundred blades, sever artery, and flurry when its up, use Tremor/Backbreaker to interupt/knockdown, and shield stance when you're in trouble. Call to Arms at the start of every fight helps a ton. Stacks a LOT of bleed, does a LOT of damage, and has full AOE capability.

    Single Target:
    1. Triple Chop (fastest auto-attack to build adrenaline)
    2. Aimed Shot (rifle, cripple)
    3. Volley (rifle, tons of damage)
    4. Shield Bash (shield, stun, leap)
    5. Backbreaker (hammer, tons of damage, knockdown)
    F1: Eviscerate
    Start with aimed shot, volley, shield bash when they get close, triple chop, backbreaker when they start to attack again, eviscerate to finish them off.
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