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    3% Damage increase Talent Ret

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if in 5.0 and 5.04 we still have the 3% damage talent? I mean i know we got new talents but did they make it a passive or anything? Because now i dont realy bring anything to the raid as a ret pala. And if so could someone link me to a site confirming your answer?

    Thanks in advance Defenders of the light!

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    there is a new buffs/debufs system, 3% damage has gone

    Effect: +5% Strength, Agility, and Intellect
    Example: Blessing of Kings
    Brought by: Any druid, any monk, any paladin

    Effect: +10% Stamina
    Example: Power Word: Fortitude
    Brought by: Any priest, any warlock, any warrior

    Attack Power
    Effect: +10% melee and ranged attack power (which will be the same value again)
    Example: Battle Shout
    Brought by: Any death knight, any hunter, any warrior

    Spell Power
    Effect: +10% spell power (there will no longer be a 6% version)
    Example: Arcane Brilliance
    Brought by: Any mage, any shaman, any warlock

    Effect: +10% melee and ranged haste
    Example: Improved Icy Talons
    Brought by: Frost and Unholy death knights, any rogue, Enhancement shaman

    Spell Haste
    Effect: +5% spell haste
    Example: Moonkin Aura
    Brought by: Balance druids, Shadow priests, Elemental shaman

    Critical Strike
    Effect: +5% ranged, melee, and spell critical chance
    Example: Leader of the Pack
    Brought by: Guardian and Feral druids, any hunter, any mage

    Effect: +5 mastery
    Example: This is a new category
    Brought by: Windwalker monks, any paladin, any shaman


    Weakened Armor
    Effect: -12% armor
    Example: Sunder Armor
    Brought by: Any druid, any rogue, any warrior

    Physical Vulnerability
    Effect: +4% physical damage taken
    Example: Brittle Bones
    Brought by: Frost and Unholy death knights, Retribution paladins, Arms and Fury warriors

    Magic Vulnerability
    Effect: +8% spell damage taken
    Example: Curse of the Elements
    Brought by: Any rogue, any warlock

    Weakened Blows
    Effect: -10% physical damage done
    Example: Previously Demoralizing Shout; now Thunder Clap
    Brought by: Blood death knight, Feral and Guardian druid, Brewmaster monk, Protection or Retribution paladin, any warrior (any tank)

    Slow Casting
    Effect: -30% casting speed
    Example: Mind-numbing Poison
    Brought by: Any death knight, any rogue, any warlock

    Mortal Wounds
    Effect: -25% healing received
    Example: Mortal Strike
    Brought by: Arms or Fury warrior, any rogue, any hunter
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    We basically had the 3% all-damage aura (which was completely removed from everyone) replaced with the 4% physical damage taken debuff applied by Judgment.

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