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    Something like "Shwun". The "e" sound in Mandarin is tricky but often has sort of an "uh" sound (the guy above is actually more correct, it does sound closer to "urn"). In Mandarin the X has a definite "Sh" sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogieknight View Post
    "Thank you" in Chinese is xie-xie (pronounced shay-shay). I'm assuming it's pronounced shoo-en.
    It's pronounced "shyeh-shyeh", Beijing style "shyeh-shyeh-aaaar"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Couac View Post
    It's pronounced "shyeh-shyeh", Beijing style "shyeh-shyeh-aaaar"!
    Close enough, I'm white and live in Texas. Be happy I'm educated enough to have been taught something about China other than they're socialist Godless heathens bent on the destruction of America.

    Either way, I still say it's shoo-en.
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    I would say suan
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    Well I've never had reason to speak it out loud, but in my head it's something like "jewen", but with a slight "sh" to the j.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damafan View Post
    Hi I am a chinese from Singapore, long time reader of MMOC. There are 2 ways to pronounce this name depending on what Blizzard intends to use. There is no such word 'Xuen' in chinese pinyin, its either Xuan (玄) or Xu En (徐恩).

    1. Xuan (玄) is pronounce as Sh-when, Shwen ~

    2. Xu En (徐恩) is pronounce as "She (with lips forming an 'o')" "Urn (yes the vase)"
    Actually the correct/official translation is 雪怒
    雪 [Xue] = Snow
    怒 [Nu] = Fury

    I think Blizzard decided to eliminate the "u" for aesthetic reasons mostly, but the above is the translation used in China and TW WoW versions.
    And regarding the pronunciation, "Shu-En" is the correct and most approximate translation as many people mentioned.

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    zoo-en is how id say it

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    It's fake chinese; not proper pinyin romanisation of any actual character with real Chinese pronunciation. There is no such sound in Chinese; -ue they do, and -uan, but not -uen.

    Xuan is the closest, google provides a nifty pronunciation option as part of their translation service. Of course that is just one of the 4 tones they use in mandarin, which has quite an affect on the sound of the word.

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    It's "Zoo-En." It's even pronounced in game during a few quests. I'm sure in Chinese the X is supposed to make a "sh" sound, but every time it's been pronounced it's been a "Z." Do with that what you will.

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    Pronunciation: su-when

    strait out of the dictionary.................
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    I always pronounce it as 'ShúÈnn'

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    Call it "Bob". It's easier. :P

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    shoon.. or shoo-en as it is. although sometimes i jus say zoon.

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    When asked the question like this, I'd say "zoo-en"/"shoo-en". But now that I think about it, on teamspeak we tend to pronounce that X like you would in the middle of an English word. So I suppose I often pronounce it "Ksooen" (or alternatively just the way it's spelled with Swedish pronounciation). But still, I think "shoo-en" is how it's meant to be pronounced.
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    lol, probably wrong but i don't really care haha

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    Can we stop with the $%^&*)(* necroing of threads? Thank you.

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