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    PS4 Getting Two New Xbox One Elite-Style Controllers


    A pair of new third-party controllers have been announced for PS4 that resemble the Xbox One's highly regarded Elite controller. However, they haven't yet been confirmed for North America.

    New controllers from Razer and Nacon were each announced today on Germany's PlayStation Blog (via NeoGAF). Both are said to be targeted toward professional gamers and the esports scene, though they'll be of use to anyone looking for an alternative to existing controller options.

    The Razer Raiju features more than a few similarities with the Elite controller. It has two extra shoulder buttons and two rear triggers, the latter of which can be removed. A hair-trigger option allows you to more quickly pull the triggers to maximum input, and you can flip between two profiles. These let you customize unspecified aspects of the controller, which presumably will include defining what the extra shoulder buttons and triggers do. Finally, the Raiju features a 3.5 mm headset jack with integrated controls (for muting and adjusting v olume) and rubber caps on the analog sticks that can be removed.

    The Nacon Revolution Pro offers a different take; most notably, it flips the position of the left analog stick and d-pad to resemble the asymmetric design of an Xbox controller. It also features four shortcut buttons, an eight-way d-pad, and what are described as highly precise analog sticks. It can store up four profiles for remapping buttons, configuring shortcut macros, and dictating the sensitivity of the analog sticks and triggers. It also has a 3.5 mm headset jack and internal compartments for storing weights so you can customize the balance of the controller.
    Both controllers are compatible with all PS4s and can be connected to the system using a detachable three meter USB cable.

    Prices were not announced for either one, but the blog post--which, again, was intended for those in Germany--says they'll be out by Christmas. Official pages on the Razer and Nacon websites are already live, but they don't offer much more information as of yet. It seems safe to assume the Razer one will come to North America, but with Nacon being a newer, European-focused company, the same may not be true of the Revolution. We'll report back as more details are announced.
    The Razer Raiju

    The Nacon Revolution Pro
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    Awesome. I really enjoy my Housemates Elite controller. being able to get a similar style for my PS4 when I pick up the Pro will be great.

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    The Razer one looks pointless. Its the DS4 with a worse grip.

    The Nacon serves the purpose of an Xbox controller on the PS4, though, if thats your thing, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing, yeah.

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    And they both look absolutely foul. The Dualshock design has persisted for two decades for a reason.

    Also insert ">Razer" here. Meaning it will be made of cheap plastic and wear out in about 6 months where a dualshock usually outlasts the system it came with.
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    Id just like a dual shock with staggered sticks. I hate the side by side sticks.

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    Look at those horrendous d pads.

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    If I HAD to use one, I'd go with the Razor one, but they're both horrendously ugly. Also wired is definitely a no go. Like, the Xbox Elite controller at least keeps a similar to nearly the exact same look, and is wireless on top of that.

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    Looks much cooler than current controllers. I have PS4 and sometimes play with friends on his XBox and his gamepad, people still saying that pads from X are better. To be honest for me more comfortable are PS gamepads so probably I will stay with current.

    Anyway Nacon Revolution Pro is better than the first one.

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    Oh, that Nacon controller looks good for me with those two extra buttons on the back-side to the right (I have a physical disability in my left hand which makes the left shoulder buttons inaccessible for me). I don't have a PS4 though, but at least I now know there's a controller out there that will work for me.
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