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    How Do You Get This Point of Interest?

    This can be used as a general help thread.

    But I have no idea how to get to this. I've circled the big rock and have found no ramps, and tried climbing every slope I could find.

    It's by Temperus Point in the first Charr zone.


    Thanks for any help. ❤
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    Underground in the crypt...I think.

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    All the way back into the crypt. It is the same place as the charr starting tutorial where you fought barradin.

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    yup, as trade said, there's a crypt bellow, it's opened after a dinamic event i beleive.

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    The crypt entrance is the tube like structure to the south of the waypoint if you can't tell as well Be careful if the dynamic event spawns, it chains like 3 or 4 (can't remember exactly) bosses that can be a pain. Otherwise run in and just dodge the oozes

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    As everyone else has said its underground and the same place as the boss fight in the charr tutorial.
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    As a side note if you look at the POI in your minimap, it will have a small chevron either pointing up or down to indicate the vertical difference for the location. In this case if you're above ground and looking at it on the minimap it would have a downward chevron/arrow to indicate it's underground.

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